Emergency Freedom Alerts: 3-14-22-Part 1

Table of Contents:

  • No This is Not a Misprint!: Maryland Senate Bill 669 Legalizes Infanticide Up To 28 Days After Birth!!! Maryland Prepare for God’s Fury!!!!!
  • ‘This codifies what Satan wants’: Maryland legislator blasts abortion bill
  • Organization Endorsed by Democratic Party Promotes Sexual Assault of Babies
  • Satan’s Final War Plan || The Great Deception
  • Pro-Child Molestor Groups Assault Reporter In Downtown Austin, Texas
  • The “Ancient Astronaut” Lie Exposed Again—Aliens Are not Our Creators They are the Return of the Nephilim That Jesus Christ Predicted in Matthew 24:37 & Luke 17:26 Regarding the End Times We are Living In
  • Scott Johnson’s Teaching: The “Ancient Astronaut” Lie: The Shocking Origin of the “Intelligent Design” Theory
  • Listener Comment: Everything you suspected is true! Here is even more proof, as if you needed it

PDF: Emergency Freedom Alerts 3-14-22

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