The “Ancient Astronaut” Lie: The Shocking Origin of the “Intelligent Design” Theory

This is a special study I felt convicted to do after viewing a 27 minute internet video put out by the Raelian cult. This video does one of the most through jobs of condensing most of the coming “New Age/New World Order” lies that I have ever witnessed. Most of these lies seem so appealing to the unsaved, for the same reason Eve was seduced by the serpent in the Garden of Eden: Because they promise: “Ye shall be as gods”. If anyone buys into this then all accountability to a Holy God goes out the window & they feel they can live anyway they want. Satan is still “The most subtle best of the field” and he has not changed his tactics as you will see when you listen to this audio. In this teaching I will be playing the sound from this video and stopping to comment along the way so I can ultimately present a full rebuttal to this most egregious heresy. This “Ancient Astronaut” theory is going to unfortunately take many people to hell and is going to be one of the cornerstones of the grand deception the Antichrist will perpetrate.

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