WWIII, Israel & Kabbalistic Witchcraft

In this teaching we will start by looking at three major pivotal events that just transpired in the Middle East which will most certainly greatly contribute to the start of WWIII. The entire Middle East has just lurched strongly forward toward the planned chaos and regional war which the Illuminati has planned since 1870, in order to produce the final global war which will produce their Antichrist on the world scene. In fact, these three explosive events may have just made this Regional War inevitable. We will then take a Biblical look at the formation of Israel in 1948. It is very important to understand that current day Israel is thoroughly controlled by Politician’s and rabbis that practice the highest form of Jewish mysticism/ witchcraft known as the Kabbalah. We will see how in this week alone Shimon Peres and several rabbis preformed a nationally reported ceremony to remove curses from Vice Premier Peres using Kabbalistic witchcraft. Many professing Christians lose sight of this and blindly support Israel no matter what direction they take, but we need to have Biblical balance in regard to Israel so we can better know how to pray for this situation. Next you will see my response to a Catholic who denied any official Catholic dogma regarding the blasphemous doctrine of “Indulgences” and the worship of “The Virgin Mary”.

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