What Can Women do for the Lord?-Part 2

What Can Women do for the Lord?-Part 2

In this study we will primarily be looking at the subject of: WHAT CAN WOMEN DO FOR THE LORD? & Women Pastors?–The Biblical Qualifications for Pastors, Elders, Deacons and Spiritual Overseers.

We will also be taking an in depth look at most common arguments some use to authorize women having Biblical offices that only men are supposed to hold; that being Deborah of Judges, The daughters & handmaidens who prophesize in Acts 2:17 & 18 & the Daughters of Philip Acts 21:8&9. There are two errors among Christians in regard to the woman’s ministry: (1) Some teach that women can do anything, which is not Scriptural. (2) Others teach that women can do almost nothing, which is also is not Scriptural. Godly women have a large role in the work of God. Though they have limitations and there are some restrictions upon their work, these are restrictions given by the Word of God; and in this study we will be endeavoring to present these with the rationale behind why these restrictions have been given by the Lord.
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PDF: Women Preachers-Biblical Qualifications of a Pastor & Deacon + What Women can do