The Intelligent Design LIE

The Intelligent Design LIE

We will start this study by examining the true occultic meaning of some common symbols we see on an everyday basis. The first we will examine will be the Caduceus symbol of the Medical profession and its actual occult definition as the Wand of Hermes.
We will then see how ‘Intelligent Design’ is NOT Biblical, but actually has its original roots in 19th Century Deism; in the New Age Movement; and currently in pseudo-science and mathematics which disbelieves Biblical Creationism. Yet, most Christians believe that ‘Intelligent Design’ is Biblical! In the 1990’s the New Age authors began to teach ‘Interventionist Creation’, in which Aliens came to earth millions of years ago and created Earth as we see it now (including all humans) and then they left. This heresy has now evolved into the modern day New Age theory that supposes that super-intelligent aliens intervened in world history at just the right time to create the world as we know it. Today this theory has a new name (with pseudo-science and mathematics to make the concept believable) the term for this ‘new’ theory is ‘Intelligent Design’. So in other words (in its purest form) this theory teaches that millions of years ago mankind was created by aliens claiming to be the gods of our creation. (AKA: The Ancient Astronaut Theory).

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