The Global Economic Meltdown-Part 1

World stock markets plummeted Friday, ending a week that saw the biggest collapse in share values since the start of the ‘Great Depression’ in 1929. The looming threat of a world depression provided the backdrop for a meeting of finance ministers from the G7 industrialized countries, who gathered in Washington for emergency talks. World Bank chief Robert Zoellick wants to supersede G7 nations with a new constricting global body to: ‘Create a new world’ & ‘A “New financial world order’. The bottom line agenda of this planned disaster is to buy the old system of Capitalism, so it can be replaced by the government controlled, government regulated system of Fascism. Once these globalists are finished, Capitalism will most likely not exist in any part of the developed world. That is the plan and that is the reason for this current financial disaster. The scope of this plan is truly breathtaking & in one fell swoop, this Illuminati Insider (Zoellick) is revealing the immediate goal of this planned crisis. Before the Anti-Christ arises, the economies of the entire world will most likely fall under the control of this constricting ‘python’ & currently virtually the entire developed world is falling under its power. Also noteworthy is that Pres. Bush, McCain and Obama are all in favor of this draconian plan of global economic fascism. Insider Lyndon LaRouche states: ‘A New Monetary System Is The Only Option for Humanity Now’. In this teaching we will also be covering several topics that relate to this subject including an update from Pastor Slattery, Martial Law, the North American Union & proactive measures you can take both Spiritually and physically.

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