Rev. Falwell, Rev. Sun Myung Moon and The Love of Money

In this teaching we will be looking at the ‘fruit’ of some of the most prominent ‘Christian’ figures in America. This list will include: The late Rev. Jerry Falwell, Timothy La Haye ‘Left Behind’, Gary Bauer, Bill Bright, Paul Crouch, Dr. James Dobson, Rev. Billy Graham, Dr. D. James Kennedy, Beverly La Haye, Ralph Reed, Pat Robertson, Rev. James Robison, Phyllis Schlafly, George Bush Sr. and Jr., Dr. Robert Schuller I and II Jerry Falwell. Jesus said by their fruits “ye shall know them”, which is in reference to the fruit of a true Christian as opposed to a pseudo Christian tare. We will be looking at the undeniable documented financial links of the people listed above cult leader Rev. Sun Myung Moon of the Unification Church of Korea. Unbelievably Rev. Moon was actually crowned Messiah and Savior of Earth on March 23, 2004 at the Dirksen Senate Office Building in Washington D.C, where scores of Christian leaders as well as several U.S. Senators and Representatives met for this very blasphemous occasion. Southern Baptist leaders were on hand, as were Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN) President Paul Crouch, Reverend Jerry Falwell, Rev. Robert Schuller, Kenneth Copeland, Pat Boone and many others. Moon claims Jesus failed on his mission to earth but Moon has not. This is one of the largest smoking guns and flagrant moves ever made and condoned by main stream Christian figures and politicians. This information is based on highly referenced, factual evidence.

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