Pope Bares Inquisition Teeth and Declares Catholic Church the Only True Church

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Roman Catholic Pope, Benedict XVI, bared his Inquisition Teeth in three shocking ways last week: 1) Pope Benedict XVI declared, not only that the Roman Catholic Church is the only real church, but that all Protestant churches are not really churches at all! But, the real shock was Benedict’s belief that Protestants should not even have their own churches! 2) Pope Benedict revived the old ‘Tridentine Mass’ said in Latin. This Mass was originally created in 1560 and was the standard Mass used all during the infamous Inquisition Period, during which over 70 million people were murdered and tortured simply because they would not accept the Catholic’s ‘Salvation by Works’, chief of which was the systems of Indulgence and Purgatory 3) The Pope opened the refurbished torture chamber in the Vatican known as the ‘Pope’s Dungeon’, a relic from the days of the bloody Inquisition! In the second part of this study we will be taking an in-depth look at the Inquisition to really see the absolute depravity and evil that the Catholic church is capable of.

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