Newsletter–End Time Current Events & RED Alerts 1-12-20

Daniel 4:3: How great are His signs! And how mighty are His wonders! His kingdom is an everlasting kingdom, and His dominion is from generation to generation.

Ukraine Government Was Investigating Arms Deals with Iran When Plane Was Shot Down 

Ukraine wants punishment…

Iran Source: Video of Missile Hitting Ukraine Plane Over Tehran



VIRGINIA ALERT: Guns Banned Ahead of Lobby Day at State Capitol

Virginia Passes Gun Ban At Capitol Before VCDL Event

Virginia Anti Gun Bils To Be Heard Jan 13

VIRGINIA DEMS Just Pulled ANOTHER Fast One…but Wait…There’s MORE!!

Breaking News! Va. House Bill 567 Indoor Ranges! The Final Straw?

NEW Virginia Bill Bans Guns, Mags, Silencers, Bumpstocks & MORE

Virginia Sheriffs Have the Power to Defend Second Amendment Sanctuaries ~ VIDEO

Virginia Bill To Ban Lead-Free Ammo

Virginia bill would allow birth control, vaccines for kids without parental consent

Sheriff Maketa talks at anti-gun law rally

Oops, HOT-MIC! What they REALLY think about Virginia 2A Supporters

Truckers’ transportation coalition warns of “super supply chain crisis” as America’s cities may collapse into war zones: food, fuel, medical supplies could all be disrupted

The UN Is Recruiting Firearm Disarmament Personnel On American Soil

Virginia 2nd Amendment Sanctuary County Speech: Moral Obligation To Fight Tyranny

Not One Inch On The 2nd Amendment!” Virginia Gun Rights Speech


Australia – The Perfect Firestorm – Created By Design

More Proof of DEW’s Used In Australia Fires

Australia: Animals too badly burnt to be saved after horror bushfires

OPERATION TORCH AUSTRALIA: A Special Report on the Geoengineered Firestorms and Arson Fires

CLIMATECHANGEgate: Hidden Agenda Behind the Huge Hoax and Global Criminal Conspiracy

2016 Simpsons Cartoon Predicts DEW Attacks on Californians


Precious Food, More Crime: Chinese Gangs vs. Pig Farmers

Tesla Model 3 Owners Are Taking The RFID Microchip From Their Key Cards And Implanting Into Their Arms In Mark Of The Beast Warm Up Act

3 years in, no sign of Trump’s replacement for Obamacare

Raped and Locked in Cages – Former Massachusetts Foster Children Sue for $40 Million

China to ‘rewrite the Bible and Quran to fall in line with President Xi’s socialist ideology’


Hundreds of Members of Congress Tell Supreme Court: Overturn Roe v. Wade 

Guess what the leading cause of death was in 2019? ABORTION

Hallmark to cut 400 jobs weeks after conservative boycott over kissing brides ad

Praise the Lord!: Planned Parenthood lost 400,000 donors last year

Leftists who smeared, incited violence against Covington boys hit with new lawsuits

Michigan county threatens to demolish 14 Amish homes unless they give up their religious beliefs and upgrade their homes

Nebraska governor attacked for issuing day of prayer to end abortion


Flat Earthers strike out again by failing to grasp the phenomenon of gravity, elliptical orbits and acceleration

Mike Adams Comment: Flat Earth theory continues to grow in popularity, which is beyond bizarre. Flat Earthers aren’t horrible people, but they are horribly wrong about gravity, physics and the way the universe works.

That’s why I’ve published a comprehensive article that uses logic, reason and mathematics to explain why Flat Earthers are utterly wrong about their broken theories and gross misunderstanding of the laws of physics, including gravity.

Does logic, reason and mathematics even matter anymore? To those who have “faith” that the Earth is flat, it seems not. Nevertheless, here’s my attempt to show them why they’re wrong:

See my full article here on why Flat Earthers are wrong.


New York Rabbi Arrested for Trafficking Babies of Mentally Disabled Mothers Between Israel and the U.S.


IS Says Christians Beheaded at Christmas For Revenge

Pontifical Biblical Commission In The Vatican Publishes New Book Saying That The Sin Of Sodom Was A ‘Lack Of Hospitality’ And Not Homosexuality


Report Hyped by Climate Alarmists Warned of Million of Deaths, Nuclear War, Sunken Major Cities by 2020

Oklahoma Bands Together to Abolish Abortion


From: M.
Subject: From Drugs to Christ Jesus!!

Thank you Lord for this testimony!!  It’s real Saints!!!  Christ is coming!!


From: autumn

Subject: Comment about 1-6-2020 Audio #2 …

Date: Wednesday, January 08, 2020 10:04 AM

Hi Scott, Great audios! In response to something you mentioned on Audio #2 about Islamic groups and reservoirs in New York State, as a mostly-lifelong resident of New York, I am very familiar with the localities of what you mentioned. A settlement called Islamaburg, not far from Hancock, NY is very near the huge Cannonsville Reservior, which services New York City. I had an aunt that lived very near this reservoir, and the close proximity of this group would make it very easy for them to access this body of water. Of course, I’ve never been to Islamaburg, but I know of it’s close existence in this sparsely populated wilderness region in the Catskills Mountains. Very concerning!

Sincerely in Christ, Dale


From: chris

Subject: Re: …Here is a monster amount of good info for prep all in one place I found today. I hadn’t checked it thoroughly yet for virus or anything but it seems great. And it’s great to download all this stuff for the emp proof can or to print out a bunch of paper copies. You have a lot of this kind of stuff already but theres a lot here. 

Maybe I’ll try to put it all together in one pdf and send it to you when I get time. We take for granted how easy this info is to get to using DuckDuck, but I would hate myself for not getting hard copies when it came time to need it.

Also, I want you to check out this method of growing 10x the potatoes or garlic/onions that you place down, to share for your next pdf if you havent already. So easy, anyone could do it even in 15 minutes, even in a small backyard and give you a good couple months of food for 5-10$. I already got my hay spread out. Check it out if you want.


End Time Current Events-11-18-19-Part 1

By Dr. Scott Johnson

Table of Contents:

  • What Did The Early Church Fathers Believe About The Nephilim – Giants — Annunaki?
  • Scott Johnson’s teaching: Nephilim, Sons of God, Fallen Angels, Demons, Evil Spirits, Tartaros, Sons of Seth, Daughters of Cain, Augustine of Hippo, Thomas Aquinas, John Calvin, Warning & Bible Study
  • Nephilim Anunnaki Are Here and Have Been For Centuries
  • Bible Study on the Biblical Remedy to deal with the Nephilim / Anunnaki
  • Unbelievably in the Alfa Romeo automobile symbol we see a crowned serpent eating a human man!!!

End Time Current Events-11-18-19-Part 2

By Dr. Scott Johnson |

Table of Contents:

  • Holocaust of the Giants–Actual Participants That Helped Dig Up The Giants! & The Cover-up that Always Ensues
  • Is The Pentagon using MOAB bombs against Giants hidden in Afghanistan?
  • Sleeping giants in stasis chambers ready to awaken whistleblower claims
  • Part 1) What Were US Special Forces Running From In Syria?

End Time Current Events-11-18-19-Part 3

By Dr. Scott Johnson |

Table of Contents:

  • Part 2) What Were US Special Forces Running From In Syria?
  • Putin Bombs Anunnaki Fortress in Syria?
  • The Long Running TV Show Stargate SG-1: Soft Disclosure according to Secret Space Program Whistleblower

End Time Current Events-4-15-18-Part 5

By Dr. Scott Johnson | April 17, 2018

Table of Contents:

  • Syria Tells UN America Has Genetically Modified Supersoldiers Deployed in Country
  • Anunnaki Harvesting Human Corpses in Syria
  • Nibiru Anunnaki Slaughter Russian Soldiers in Syria
  • Russian-Turkish Forces Clash With Anunnaki In Syria
  • Anunnaki Whistle-Blower Strelnikov Isaac Stepanovich Spills The Beans
  • SCARY: Putin Warns Of GM Super Human Soldiers That Are Worse Than Nukes