Newsletter: Emergency Freedom Alerts: 7-5-22

Psa 11:7: For the righteous LORD loveth righteousness; his countenance doth behold the upright.

Hebrews 13:15: By him therefore let us offer the sacrifice of praise to God continually, that is, the fruit of our lips giving thanks to his name.

Isa 3:9: The shew of their countenance doth witness against them; and they declare their sin as Sodom, they hide it not. Woe unto their soul! for they have rewarded evil unto themselves.

Psa 10:4: The wicked, through the pride of his countenance, will not seek after God: God is not in all his thoughts.

Prayer Alert: After 3 years Offline CERN is getting ready to fire up to power levels the world has never seen on July 5th!

See Scott Johnson’s Teachings on CERN at:

Biden promises that your tax dollars will be used by HHS to transport women across state lines for baby killing… “abortion Uber”


Doctors who perform abortions WILL be targeted for prosecution, S Dakota gov declares…

Video: Demonic Imp Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot Screams ‘F*** Clarence Thomas’ In Deranged Rant
Patagonia To Pay Bail For Employees Who Are Arrested Protesting SCOTUS Decision

MURDER WITH DICKS: Dick’s Sporting Goods CEO says she’ll give thousands of dollars to any female employee seeking an abortion
‘HHS Secretary Wants to Use Tax Dollars to Transport Women to Commit Abortions’
‘Uncle Clarence’ Trends on Twitter as Pro-Abortion Leftists Launch Race Attacks on Supreme Court Justice

Regarding The Overturning of Roe vs. Wade Top Headlines Read:


Supremes end protections for abortion in place for half century…
Satanic Press Says: Most significant curtailing of a established constitutional right in history…
LIST: 26 states where it will become ILLEGAL…
TEXAS: AG declares agency holiday ‘in remembrance of unborn’…
Violence fear after decision…
Assaults against clinics, patients surge…
Libtard Demonstrator Scales Frederick Douglass Bridge Over SCOTUS Abortion Ruling & Calls For Others to ‘Rise Up’

Maxine Waters: “To Hell With the Supreme Court! We Will Defy Them!”

Fake Congresswoman AOC Calls for People to Get “Into the Streets” Over SCOTUS Abortion Ruling–Calls Ruling “Illegitimate”
BIDEN: WOMEN’S LIVES ARE AT RISK… But What About the Unborn Babies Life Pedo Joe??!!!

‘Unacceptable Setback’: Bill Gates, George Soros Condemn SCOTUS Roe v. Wade Overturning–Globalists call shutdown of baby part pipeline as “assault on human rights.”

++Just after the Supreme Court delivered its opinion overturning Roe vs. Wade, executives at Dick’s Sporting Goods announced that the company will provide upto $4,000 in abortion-related travel expenses to employees seeking abortions in states which restrict abortion. This is totally unacceptable and insupportable! Please CLICK HERE to SIGN this urgent boycott petition to Dick’s senior management informing them that, until the company reverses any policies which facilitate or promote abortion – the deliberate taking of innocent human life, we will take our sporting goods business elsewhere.*
[*This petition will be hand-delivered to Dick’s Headquarters, just outside Pittsburgh, PA.]

How Sell Out, Satanic Gatekeeper, Fake Christian Justice John Roberts lost control of the Roe vs. Wade Narrative… The chief justice had zero support for his “lukewarm” middle of the road effort which would NOT of overturned Roe v. Wade!!!


Top Headlines: GOODBYE, DOW DROPS BELOW 30,000Wall St Sounds Louder Recession Call…Consumer Spending Running Out Of Steam…Housing Starts To Collapse…$3 trillion in retirement savings wiped out…36% earning $100,000 or more living paycheck to paycheck…China Treasury holdings 12-year low; Japan cuts…Food Shortage Worries Mount As Farms ‘Crushed’…’Teetering On Edge’… ‘CRYPTO WINTER’DIGITAL FORTUNES VANISHINGWORLD RICHEST LOSE $1.4 TRILLIONShocking Consumer Credit Numbers: Many Maxing Out Their Credit Card Ahead Of The RecessionCredit Unions and Banking Groups Warn of “Devastating Consequences” of a U.S. Central Bank Digital Currency


Pennsylvania Drag Queen Faces 25 Child Pornography Charges

A Disgusting Vile Proclamation on Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, And Intersex Pride Month, 2022 | The White House President Biden proclaims pride month, when he could barely issue a proclamation honoring national day of prayer May 5, 2022.

State Farm’s Program to Distribute LGBT Books Draws Fire and Defeat

29-Year-Old Transgender Male Beats 13-Year-Old Girl in Skateboarding Competition

Kamala Harris put in charge of “Ministry of Gender Truth” to harass anyone who doesn’t bow down to LGBT insanity
Some Tampa Bay Rays Players Refuse to Wear ‘Pride’ Emblems

Capitol Hill Crisis Pregnancy Center Attacked by Pro-Abortion Radicals  

West Point Brainwashing Cadets On The Evils of ‘Whiteness,’ DoD Documents Reveal

Islamic State claims responsibility for attacks on Christian villages in Mozambique


Religion and Child Abuse News: A Writer in Bridgewater Found Way Out of The Way International Cult

Who was Victor Paul Wierwille? – About The Way – Cafe

Author Who Spent 17 Years in Cult Tells About Sinister Side of ‘The Way International’ – Frank Report

Former Member: The Way International Biblical Ministry Was Rife With Sexual Excesses Just Like Other Cults – Frank Report

Watch: Meghan Walsh: “My Father Is A Monster!” John Walsh is known to America as an anti-crime activist and host/creator of the television series America’s Most Wanted. Following the murder of his son Adam, he became an alleged crusader for justice. However, his daughter Meghan Walsh has a far different image of her father; one that has left her with the scars of mental and physical abuse, the loss of her children, her home, and an attempt to destroy her life through narcissistic brainwashing. You’ll hear her story in her own words, as she cries out for help from a public whom Walsh has deceived for 40 years.



Please add your name to our pre-written letter to pressure your two Senators to VOTE NO on Biden’s nominee for ATF director, Steve Dettelbach.

Treachery! White House Moves to Strangle U.S. Ammunition Supply

IRS buying up massive amounts of ammunition while Biden regime tries to shut down CIVILIAN ammo supply chain

Democrats Propose 1,000% Tax On AR-15s

Rhode Island to Ban Magazines That Hold More Than 10 Rounds

Video: Kyle Rittenhouse Challenges Joe Biden to ‘Come and Take ‘Em’
Philadelphia: Another Violent Weekend Left 36 Shot, Five of Them Fatally


Christian author warns against new ‘Breathe With Me’ Yoga Barbie: ‘Satan is after the children’

Alexa upgrade lets DEAD family speak to you by ‘learning voice in a minute’ as freaked-out fans compare to Black Mirror | The Sun

Sheriff Warns NOT To Pick Up Dollar Bills If you see a folded dollar bill in the parking lot don’t be too fast to pick it up, says one sheriff in Tennessee. The Giles County Sheriff’s office reported that officers found folded dollar bills with white powder inside them at two different gas stations. After testing the white powder the sheriff’s office concluded that fentanyl was inside the folded dollar bills.Last year a Sheriff’s deputy in San Diego almost overdosed after handling fentanyl with his bare hands.

The great recycling LIE (what really happens to plastic)


Senate Committee Passes Bill with Mandatory Supplement Listing Supplement restrictions are moving forward in Congress. Lawmakers need to hear that this is a bad idea. Action Alert!

Prescription Drugs Laced with PFAS A study found that common drugs contain PFAS “forever chemicals”, and the EPA is working hard…to protect these drug makers. Action Alert! 

Is Melatonin Dangerous? Recent media reports employ familiar scare tactics to convince us that melatonin is unsafe-and they are just as wrong as ever. Action Alert!

ANH Advocates Score Big Glutathione Win The FDA’s advisory committee dealt a blow to the agency’s plan to ban compounded glutathione-but the fight is far from over. Action Alert!

Sweden: A Cautionary (Supplement) Tale  Sweden’s supplement restrictions show why mandatory registration for supplements in the US is such a disastrous idea. Action Alert!

Sewage Contaminating Your Food Your food and drinking water could be contaminated with PFAS “forever chemicals”, at levels that are hundreds of times higher than what is considered safe, but the EPA is too busy looking out for industry to care. Action Alert!

Supplement Bans Courtesy of Junk Science

In banning higher dose vitamins, regulators ignore benefits and exaggerate risks. Action Alert!

Senator Stands for Medical Free Speech

Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI) is taking a stand against doctors and their professional organizations who attempt to silence and sanction their colleagues who dare to stray from the mainstream medical orthodoxies regarding COVID. Action Alert!


Pentagon is Acting As An Enemy of War Against American Troops

Judy Mikovits Shocks The World: Most Damning Covid Evidence Bombshell The World Has Seen

Study: COVID “vaccines” are devastating men’s sperm counts

Please share this helpful video with your friends who are considering vaccinating their kids We want to make sure they have a fair and balanced presentation of the safety and efficacy data justifying vaccinating kids with the recently approved COVID vacc 

Pfizer And Moderna Ask FDA To NOT TEST All Future Covid Jabs! Don’t worry, known liars say it is safe and effective, so shut up and obey. Or…watch the video.SQ; WEF GENOCIDE UNDERWAY WANT TO ACCELERATE HUMAN EXTINCTION 

As More And More Young People Are Murdered By The Vax, A Massive Public Revolt Is Now Urgently Needed! Of All The COVID Insanity, This Action From Our Government Is The Most Senseless:SQ;IT’S GENOCIDE, MAKES PERFECT SENSE ! 

First Pastor to Defy COVID-19 Lockdowns Wins in Court

FDA town hall meeting where the vaccine injured got to speak. Very powerful. Around the 7 minute mark Nada employee speaks

Biden: “We Need More Money To Plan For The Second Pandemic. There’s Going To Be Another Pandemic.”
Eighty percent of those DYING from “covid” in Canada are fully jabbed

Fauci Under Fire over Millions in ‘Royalties’ Payments Received from Big Pharma for Covid Vaccines 

Study: Incurable prion disease linked to covid jabs New research out of France has determined that Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19)’vaccines’ trigger an incurable and fatal prion condition known as Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (CJD).SQ:AKA KURU!


An Office Manager From Florida And A Gates-Funded Professor Are Censoring Studies Linking Mask Usage To Increased Deaths. Yet Another Dubious Fact Check. But This One Is Even Weirder Than The Last.

++From: felix  Sent: Sunday, June 26, 2022 11:04 AM To: Scott Johnson <>
Subject: Martial Law Worldwide The Illuminati Puppets sold us to Their god SATAN Hey Scott don’t know if you heard this 10 minute video before.

++From: Craig Sent: Wednesday, June 29, 2022 12:45 AM To: Scott Johnson Subject: Youtube is going to close my channel – vaccine strikes – medical misinformation–Youtube keeps giving me medical misinformation strikes, but they never tell me what the misinformation is… go figure.   I think they are going to take my channel down.   So I thought I would share it with you in case you want to watch some of the videos.  God Bless  ABC CHRISTIAN 5 – YouTube
++From: Evie Sent: Thursday, June 23, 2022 11:53 PM To: Dr Scott Johnson Subject: LAWYER WARNS OF WHAT’S COMING Hi dr johnson, This came out in May 2022 but it’s pretty powerful. It will be interesting to see if the things they talk about are going to come to pass. But it sure seems likely.

++From: Larry Sent: Saturday, June 11, 2022 1:21 PM To: Scott Johnson Subject: Hello Brother Scott,

I hope you are doing well. I recently moved to northern Virginia and wanted to see if it was possible to connect with listeners in the area. Would you please consider adding this to your next newsletter? My email is: Thank you for your consideration. Larry

++ From: Contact Us Form Submission Sent: Friday, June 17, 2022 11:19 PM To: Subject: Contact Us at -NAME Will SUBJECT Dream YOUR MESSAGE Dr Johnson, I’ve always been somewhat reserved about sharing my dreams with people because I don’t want anyone to think I’m making predictions or prophecies, but I had a dream last night that I feel like I have to share with someone. I was at Walmart for some reason when immediately the store was full of translucent horsemen with serpent tails and they were hurling fire and brimstone at people, turning them into ash and smoke. I was terrified. I wrapped my arms around one of the pillars, sat on the floor, and started praying. A voice told me “fear not, these are not sent to destroy you, but those who follow the beast”. Even with that, I know that without the blood of Christ I deserve death. I woke up and my heart was pounding and I immediately started beginning for forgiveness for everything I could think of. I was in bed shaking for the next hour. This is the second time in my life that I’ve dreamed about this particular judgement, and both times had me cowering in the fetal position. I’m only telling you this because people need to understand that all those times throughout the Bible where people encounter angels… Those reactions are being understated. Falling on your face and begging, questioning whether or not you’re dead, it really was beyond anything words can describe. People do not want to be found lacking when they stand before God.

++From: Patricia Sent: Monday, June 6, 2022 1:38 AM To: Scott Johnson <> Subject: My aunt is refusing to move out of Polk County… I am worried she will not find a home in her price range… and something more sinister. Hi Scott, There is a four alarm housing and rental crisis going on in Florida.  Yes, I know it is all over, but Florida is leading the pack it seems. What is going on in Florida is CRAZY.  The prices these houses are going for is insane.  The increases these people are having to pay in rent is insane.  I have periodically spent time online looking into real estate in Florida, in Polk County because of her situation.  So over the last few years I have spent time looking at real estate in that part of Florida.  Just a few years ago (as in just before Covid).  I could find loads of houses that were humble but quite livable for say 70,000 or so.  (I was offended by her situation because I knew there were many houses she could move to if she would humble herself and move.  I mean, I am not talking about ghettos here, I would live in these houses and in these neighborhoods.  Now there is NOTHING….   They are now selling houses that will need to be totally gutted, as in currently uninhabitable, in Polk County (Lakeland\ Winter Haven) for 130,000, 150,000  or more.  I mean it’s INSANE.  Grossly overpriced houses are on the market one day and are sold. The video below is good, but what is more important is the comments below the video.  The numbers of people, people who should be solidly middle class, and are homeless and living out of the car or whatever is unbelievable, the number of people who are about to lose it all is unbelievable.

I hate to say this but when I realized there were large numbers of people moving to Florida, I got the awful feeling like that is the way it is meant to be.  They were escaping California or whatever and running straight to their judgement.  I feel like that is what is going on but I pray I am wrong. I think I am going to start praying for all believers to leave that place or at least pray for them because there IS an exodus from Florida of people who are moving because they can’t afford it anymore. Homelessness in Florida becoming a middle-class problem – YouTube

Scott Johnson’s Response: I agree and that is why I put this link out in a recent newsletter. This confirms what you are saying: ++ FYI Insane Important Info: This Is a Housing Crisis

++From: Contact Us Form Submission Sent: Sunday, June 5, 2022 10:26 AM SUBJECT Thank you Scott Johnson YOUR MESSAGE I’m a long time listener and i just want to thank you for all you do to expose what’s really going on in the world. These evil globalist devils are gonna be sorry when the Lord Jesus Christ returns.. I praise His Holy name,

I thank the Lord for going to the cross and for paying for all of our sins by his death burial and resurrection.. Satan was defeated 2,000 years ago, and he is just a loser who is on death rowe. God is in control and always has been. People don’t realize that Hell is very Real! The message of Christ needs to be heard More than Ever.. This is an emergency, people’s souls are in danger and need to wake up.. God bless you Scott Johnson and i will make a donation as soon as i can.

Thank you for all you do  I pray for angels protection for you Scott Johnson..