Newsletter: Emergency Freedom Alerts: 4-13-24

Psalm 145:3: Great is the LORD, and greatly to be praised; and his greatness is unsearchable.

Romans 12:21: Be not overcome of evil, but overcome evil with good.

Tehran assault likely to unfold over number of hours…

Real Time Footage–Alert! lran Starts “Special Operation” Against Israel
Unprecedented strike… Radical change from use of proxies…


Iran Launches Drones and Cruise Missiles Against Israel UPDATED – —>Russian Fighter Jets have just entered IRAQ Air Space. They will be able to intercept either US or Israeli war planes if any attempt is made to attack Iran. Vladimir Putin: If the Uni 

Iran confirms launching ‘extensive’ strike against Israel The Islamic Republic has sent multiple drones toward the Jewish State, according to media reports 


Multiple Bridges Across Ohio River Closed as 26 Barges Supposedly “Broke Loose”!

Police are warning of highly-trained gangs from Venezuela, Chile, Columbia that are targeting and robbing nice homes.
They are able to disable alarm systems

Another Illegal Alein Crime Ring, This Time in Wealthy, Biden-Voting Oakland County, Michigan

Squatters ravage Florida home and warn that people will be blown up or ‘shocked’ if they enter: report

How I removed squatters in less than a day

Tuberculosis outbreak at Chicago migrant shelters sparks urgent contact tracing as officials say a FIFTH of Latin American arrivals carry the disease 

Pawn Shop Inventories Are Exploding As The Failing U.S. Economy Hammers Those At The Bottom Of The Economic Food Chain: Anyone that attempts to claim that the U.S. economy is in good shape is just being delusional 

Sick! Twice-Deported Illegal Accused Of Raping Four Children Ages 6-12 While Teaching At Church School

Many Military Aged Russian and Chinese Men Being Seen At US Shooting Ranges

Insurance companies are now using drones to find reasons to cancel your home insurance SQ;THIS WILL BE THE BASIS OF MASSIVE MORTGAGE CALL CLAIMS AGAINST THE HOME OWNERS ,NO INSURANCE THEY WILL CALL MORTGAGES DUE! 

++Please add your name to our prewritten letter urging your congressman to vote for H.R. 705, the Veterans 2nd Amendment Protection Act.

++What’s the TikTok Ban Really About? Picking up where the RESTRICT Act left off, a new bill supposedly aimed at banning TikTok gives the federal government broad powers to control how we communicate. Action Alert!

Ramiro from Above Phone announces de-googled privacy phones

Kennedys wicked VP–@RobertKennedyJr announces his Satanic VP running mate!

Bizarre sawfish sightings spread north from Florida Keys, confirmed deaths rise

Liquid nitrogen fertilizer spill kills nearly 750K fish in Iowa river: officials: STORAGE TANK VALVE LEFT OPEN OVERNIGHT- MISTAKENLY???? ASYMMETRICAL WARFARE ACCELERATING DAILY! 

WATCH AND SHARE: Devastating Documentary ‘Climate: The Movie’ Obliterates Climate Scam, Shadow banned By YouTube 

How to Figure Out What Your Car Knows About You (and Opt Out of Sharing When You Can)

The American Military Built a Ghetto In the Pacific (And It’s Never Been Bigger

Devout Christian woman going to jail for j6

False Prophet Robert Breaker Caught Lying And Changing Facts To Keep Pushing The False “Revelation 12 Sign”

Greg Locke’s Church Benefits From Tattling Demons

Matthew Perry: Unveiling the Devil’s Bargain

++Apr 11, 2024, 20:13 by greg… The prob w this bill is they RENAME homeschooling, to just schooling.

++Short, but powerful…

And I give unto them eternal life; and they shall never perish, neither shall any man pluck them out of my hand.” John 10:28

Los Angeles Mom Who Murdered Boyfriend, Killed Baby Girl By Throwing Kids Out of Moving Car Onto Freeway Believed Solar Eclipse Was ‘Epitome of Spiritual Warfare’

++End Wokeness on X: “That time when a CNN reporter thought it would be nice to interview cannibals and nearly ended up on the menu:  The video being resurfaced shows why Americans are wary as the Haitian capital of Port-au-Prince has fallen and is now under the rule of ruthless cannibalistic gangs, including a gang led by Jimmy Cherizier, who goes by “Barbecue.” Meanwhile, Border Patrol agents in Miami have been told to prepare for an influx of illegals from Haiti.

Justin Trudeau’s Canada: Proposed Law May Allow Life Imprisonment for Online Speech ‘Crimes’

++Please go here right now to tell your Congressman and Senators to support H. Amdt. 790, the Mary Miller Meeks Amendment to H.R. 4894, in any final CDC and NIH funding bill.

++On January 22nd, 2024 – Pastor Matt Trewhella testified before a Wisconsin State Legislative Committee. Here is his 5-minute testimony which included being interrupted by a legislator.

++Riley Gaines on X: “Trans-identified male player for Kipp Academy in MA injured 3 girls before half time causing Lowell Collegiate Charter School to forfeit. A man hitting a woman used to be called domestic abuse. Now it’s called brave.

Police Scotland Deluged With Nearly 4,000 Complaints As New Hate Crime Law Is Weaponized

Planet Fitness ‘Bans’ Woman After She Calls Out Man Shaving in Women’s Locker Room

Warning Profanity–THE HOLLYWOOD PEDOPHILES: Brave Hollywood Actor confirms Tom Hanks, Steven Spielberg, Seth Green, Dan Schneider, Stephen Colbert are Pedophiles. He says the Rothschilds are involved in Cannibalism. Mark Thompson and the Royal Family hid the child rape and murder by Jimmy Savile

JP Morgan To Launch Their Contactless And Facial Recognition Payment System In 2025

ENGINEERED FAMINE: Marxist Oregon Starts SHUTTING DOWN Small Farms “To Protect The People”

Gov Funded Clothing that Tracks, Monitors and Records You, Because You Can Never Be Too Safe…

Boeing Whistleblower Found DEAD in Parking Lot From ‘Self-Inflicted’ Gunshot Wound

Former IRS Agent Sherry Peel Jackson: The Truth About The IRS & The Income Tax


++Durbin Strikes Back After we defeated his anti-supplement bill in 2022, Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL) is trying to do the same thing again. Let’s make sure he doesn’t succeed. Action Alert!

++Big Chem Wants Legal Immunity from Pesticide Injuries Taking notes from the vaccine manufacturers’ playbook, Big Chem is working to win legal immunity for the damages caused by pesticides. Action Alert!

How Pomegranate Juice Dramatically Reversed Arterial Plaque

Kitchen Staple Holds Regenerative Key for Blood Vessels: Onions’ Vascular Healing Capacity

REPORT: Over 16,000 chemicals found in common plastic products, 3,000 more than the previous estimate

HEALTH ALERT: Alt media publishers push Shilajit dietary supplement that lab tests show to contain alarming levels of lead, arsenic and aluminum

If Illegals taking American Jobs isn’t enough Reason to stop buying Tyson Products, this is… Eat ze Bugs–Tyson Foods Quietly Partnered with Protix for more “Sustainable Protein Production” Protix is the leading global insect ingredients

The Hidden Danger in Your Food: Chemicals Lurking in Your Cereal and Oats – Dr. Troy Spurrill

Alarming New Poll Reveals Millions Taking Aspirin Despite Risks

Painkiller or Soul-Killer? The Troubling Connection Between Tylenol

90% of U.S. Cheese Contains GMO Made by Pfizer


++From: Plothe Date: Fri, Mar 15, 2024, 1:37 AM Subject: [CHEemf] LED light lawsuits and ehtrust’s fact sheets–Research papers about how LED affects gut microbiota and microbiota in general, and it’s not pretty. Here are a few:

++From: Mark > Sent: Wednesday, March 20, 2024 11:16 AM To: Subject: Trudeau – re: current upload–Greetings Scott, from a long time listener.Just FYI, I’m not being critical in any way. That JW guy edited Justine’s speech so it sounded like he said “Antarctic Base” 4:42 min That was actually taken from Justine’s eulogy at Pierre Trudeau’s funeral (his alleged father–He cryptically beings with “Friends, Romans, Countrymen” and within the eulogy he tells a story of Daddy taking him to the north pole to visit Santa Claus” so he mentions an Arctic Base and the footage was edited to sound different This video breaks it down well: justin trudeau’s eulogy at his father’s funeral Thank you for all the work you do–Mark

++Neanderthals Debunked: Evidence for Evolution or Just Human? Natural History Museums everywhere display line-ups of ape-to-human icons that supposedly show how humans evolved from ape-like creatures millions of years ago. The laststep in this line up are Neanderthals, holding the “40,000 to 400,000 years ago” time slot. Just decades ago, Neanderthals were regarded in museums and textbooks as gorilla-like cavemen. This is because their fossils were viewed through an evolutionary lens, being framed as some type of “last step” between ape-like creatures and humans. But today we’ve learned that Neanderthals fit into history exactly as the Bible describes: post Flood humans who dispersed from the Tower of Babel and lived during the Ice Age. See more at: PLAY:

++From: Linda Sent: Sunday, March 31, 2024 1:37 PM To: Scott Johnson Subject: ALL LIFE INSURANCE POLICIES NULL AND VOID There’s something I’ve been wanting to share with you for some time. Not long ago when you were doing a teaching you were talking about health insurance or life insurance or something like that. I was going to sell life insurance for one of the more prominent companies and started training several years ago. There was a ton of information to read and I did with a fine tooth comb.  The more I read the more I saw there were a thousand ways to Sunday to rip off the customer, and then came the straw that broke the camel’s back.There are two instances when all and I mean every life insurance policy in the USA are voided. Number one, if you join the military, I guess they have their own life insurance policy, and then number two, is DURING WARTIME. Another words, when we go into world war III EVERY SINGLE LIFE INSURANCE POLICY that people have been dumping millions if not billions into for years are going to disappear in an instant. At that point, I walked away, I couldn’t do it. If people will check the fine print on their policies, they’ll find it. I thought you might want to share that with your listeners, have a blessed day! Linda