Newsletter: Emergency Freedom Alerts: 2-19-22

2Ch 15:7 Be ye strong therefore, and let not your hands be weak: for your work shall be rewarded.

Ecc 8:11 Because sentence against an evil work is not executed speedily, therefore the heart of the sons of men is fully set in them to do evil.


WFC22 Canberra more cooking of people

CRACKDOWN RAMPS UP: Ottawa Police Clash with Truckers As They Make Mass Arrests – Begin Smashing Windows to Forcefully Remove Protesters from Vehicles – (VIDEO) (

Quebec provincial police equipped with full riot gear put on gas masks as they move to disperse a peaceful Freedom Convoy protest in Ottawa. The martial law enforcement have brought in LRAD (Long Range Acoustic Device) equipment and have positioned snipers above the crowd. (

LRAD Microwave victims from Canberra… People were targeted by the australian government (

NSA whistleblower about HAVANA Act of 2021: Time to discuss innocent victims of Microwave Weapons experiments (

Microwave weapons that cause Havana Syndrome exist in USA, China and Russia (

Canada’s Chrystia Freeland, who seized crypto and bank funds, found to be granddaughter of actual Nazi collaborator and propagandist

Hidden Alliance of former WEF Young Global Leaders working in Lockstep to enforce the Great Reset include Macron, Trudeau, Ardern, & Boris Johnson

Madman Fauci Proposes Three Shot Series for Babies 6-Months-Old Up to Children 4-Years-Old (Video)


PCR Tests Have Served Their Purpose in the COVID “Crisis”, They’re Now Being Cancelled – Everywhere – Global ResearchGlobal Research – Centre for Research on Globalization

Official data suggests the Triple Vaccinated are developing Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome at an alarming rate


Carhartt Will Uphold Its COVID-19 Jab Mandate for Employees

SICKENING  Big Fines for the Unjabbed

Pro-Vaccine Big Pharma Execs Invite You to D.C. to “Protest Against Vaccine Mandates” – Did You Forget What Happened on Jan. 6th 2021?

Under Quebec’s draconian new vaccine passport scheme, unvaccinated people who visit large stores like Walmart and Costco will have to be accompanied by employees to make sure they don’t buy anything other than food or pharmaceutical products

Vaccine injuries in the DOD and the attempted cover-up – Terminal X

Demonic Pedophiles Target Kids: Government Ad Promotes Pedophilia, Transgenderism & Vaxx On Kids

SECDEF tells governors Guard troops must get COVID-19 vaccine

TREASON: Australia Keeps Launching Huge Concentration Camps & Evidence Mounts That Inmates Are Being GASSED

++ S. 675, the NICS Denial Notification Act of 2021, is gaining traction in the U.S. Senate. We urgently need your help to shut this gun control bill down! The NICS Denial Notification Act would open criminal investigations into 100% of background check denials, even though government studies show 9 out of 10 times these denials are false positives.

Passage of this language would result in criminal investigations into TENS OF THOUSANDS of innocent, law-abiding Americans for the non-crime of being denied a gun purchase by a broken background check system each year.

Tell your Senators right away NOT to expand this abysmally broken system.

++ Anti-gun politicians from both sides of the aisle have been pushing an anti-gun version of the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA), a bill designed to appear nice on the outside, but with infringements on your rights on the inside. 

VAWA has several massive anti-gun provisions which would put both men and women in a more dangerous position — one of being disarmed. GOA has been fighting this anti-gun bill since 2019, but anti-gunners in Congress are closer than ever before to having it pass. We need you to fight back against this today!

Action Alert: ATF Has Nearly 1 BILLION Records in a Registry

More cryptocurrency fraud? Bitcoin slides as shares of MicroStrategy slip and SEC rejects company’s accounting methods

‘Hundreds of thousands, if not millions’ of birds died during 2020 U.S. Air Force 5G exercise, New Mexico;

AT&T, Verizon Will Delay 5G Near Airports After Airline CEOs Warned of ‘Catastrophic Aviation Crisis’ – Breaking911

IRS To Require Facial Recognition To View Tax Returns

California City First in US to Mandate Liability Insurance for Gun Owners

FDA Raising Our Blood Pressure The FDA accepted a health claim for magnesium, but somehow still manages to censor information on this critical nutrient. ACTION ALERT!

Unregulated Chemicals Kill Millions Every Year…and the EPA does nothing. Faced with such needless death, why is this agency doing nothing to protect us? ACTION ALERT!

Is ‘Organic’ Dry Cleaning a Scam? Many dry cleaning stores advertise they are organic, but it doesn’t mean they are better for your health or the environment.

EEU Regulators, WHO Call for End to COVID Boosters, Citing Evidence Strategy Is Failing

U.S. judge blocks Biden vaccine mandate for federal workers in latest blow to White House Covid agenda

New Va. Gov. Glenn Youngkin cleans house, asks all “diversity” office staffers (liberal fascists) to resign, appoints anti-CRT official

Boris Johnson just removed ALL COVID MEASURES IN BRITAIN Masks, work from home, and Covid passports are GONE.

Glen Youngkin Sworn In As VA Governor, Immediately BANS Critical Race Theory & Vaccine Mandate


UK: Covid Restrictions Abruptly Lifted, Nations Liberate Citizens as Covid Narrative Crumbles

Signs that You Are Being Tracked with an Apple AirTag and Tips to Stop It – Activist Post

Car Sick: The Toxic Soup Inside Your Car

++The state of FL will not enforce a federal mandate for COVID-19 vaccination in healthcare settings, which the Supreme Court upheld Jan. 13.  &

++ Jeremy Segal is running for county supervisor in Walworth County, Wisconsin. And he is on fire about the interposition of lesser magistrates. In this 20-minute interview on the Charlie James Show, Segal makes clear why he is running for county office – and how the lesser governments are meant to interpose against the evil of the superior authorities, not blithely comply. Listen here and catch some of the fire! Though we didn’t know Jeremy, we have since learned he has read Pastor Matt’s book on the Doctrine of the Lesser Magistrates – and is getting it into the hands of others.

ZOE International: A Mission to Share the Gospel and Help End Child Trafficking


Moderna Stock Crashes – Losses Top $130 Billion, Stock Down 67% from Highs Last Year Following Lackluster COVID Vaccine Results

Battleground Melbourne – a Topher Field Documentary

JUST IN – Denmark no longer classifies COVID-19 as a “socially critical disease,” all restrictions will be lifted from February 1 – PM Mette Frederiksen.  The UK, Ireland and the Netherlands have all taken a similar approach. 

Nordic Country Declares Covid-19 No Longer ‘Socially Critical Disease,’ Drops All Restrictions (

HISTORIC! Over 50,000 Truckers Join Freedom Convoy Through Canada Protesting COVID Mandates – Massive Crowds of Canadians Show Up In Support

Revolution! One Million People Marching To Ottawa To Demand PM Trudeau’s Resignation:But right now there’s 50,000 truckers and about 1.4 million people headed to the parliament in Ottawa,

Marvel Star Blasts Vaccine Mandates — “Nobody Should Ever Be Forced To Inject Their Body With Anything”

PT4 London England Jan22nd Worldwide Rally For Freedom 11yr Old Jasmin Speaks About COVID Vaccines (

Parents, Students are Taking Universities to Court over COVID Vaccine Mandates

NUREMBERG 2.0: Grand Jury Evidence Presentation 2/5/2022

From: Julie V Sent: Monday, January 31, 2022 9:54 AM Subject: Bunbury WA Police Headquarters Told We Are Executing Arrest Warrants For Charges Against Politicians I am soooooo proud of this group of courageous people.  I hope more people will follow this example… MUST WATCH.. WE HAVE OUR OWN COMMON LAW COURT ..WHO KNEW?? THANK YOU STEVEN SUKKAR! A group of approx 40 people who served papers to the Bunbury Police Headquarters on Sat 29th Jan for charges of crimes against humanity, misconduct and Treason, by our Premier and related governmental parties. We are all a part of the Freedom Movement across Australia, executing our rights and freedoms under common law. WE HAVE OUR OWN COMMON LAW COURT

Flood OF Hospital Death Reports: Thousands Cry Out As Loved Ones are Murdered By Hospital Protocols

Male teen deaths skyrocket 53% following mass covid vaccination

Minnesota government BRIBING families with $200 gift cards to get their CHILDREN vaccinated

MIT Scientist Warns Parents NOT TO GIVE CHILDREN Vaccine, Could Cause ‘Crippling’ Neurodegenerative Disease In Young People

Israel hit by a covid blizzard of the vaccinated



Registered Nurse Reveals What She Saw On Her Intensive Care Unit After The COVID Jabs Rolled Out [VIDEO]


Official Data shows Children are up to 52 times more likely to die following Covid-19 Vaccination than Unvaccinated Children & the ONS is trying to hide it

High Court Judge decides Parents do not need to know number of kids who’ve died due to the Covid-19 Vaccine because they’re too stupid to understand the data

White Coat Mafia Tyranny – Dr. Betsy Eads> says hospitals and doctors are getting ‘bonuses’ for practicing medicine that is murdering patients. Eads says, ‘You cannot tell me, at this juncture, that hospitals and doctors do not know what they are doing’. 

‘This is Just Devastation’: Funeral Industry Insider Says She’s Inundated with Heart Attack, Stroke, Blood Clot Victims

posted a day ago

Baby Murder Protocol: Infants Separated From Parents, Given Remdesivir By Medical Industrial Complex

France, Italy, Germany and Spain suspend use of AstraZeneca coronavirus vaccine amid blood clot fears

Vaxx Injured Athlete Speaks Out: Triathlete’s Life Destroyed By Covid Bioweapon Jab


From: Douglas Riggs [] Sent: Monday, 24 January 2022 11:11 PM Subject: Pastor Doug Riggs – Memorial A memorial to honor our friend, brother and pastor, Douglas Woods Riggs.
Jesus said, “I am the resurrection and the life; he who believes in Me will live even if he dies, and everyone who lives and believes in Me will never die. Do you believe this?” John 11:25-26 Doug is not deceased, dead, nor in the grave. Doug is face to face with Jesus our Savior and Lord. Doug has departed from us, but is with Christ, Yeshua Mashiach.
We had a memorial service to honor our friend, brother, and pastor Friday evening, January 14, 2022 – just the small group of us in Syracuse. We recorded the audio as we shared our thoughts. We invited a few to make a short audio recording of what they would have shared had they been present, and many sent emails of condolence and testimony of how Doug influenced, helped and changed their lives, some of which we read. We could not include all we received as that would have made this memorial many times longer in duration.
We hope this blesses you as you reminisce and consider the legacy Doug gave as he lived a sacrificial life as a vessel through whom Jesus healed many brokenhearted saints and set free those held in captivity (Isaiah 61:1 cp Luke 4:18). Doug was God’s gift of a pastor-teacher to us and he faithfully carried out that responsibility to equip us to do the work of ministry to the building up of the body of Christ – all this to reach the goal: “until we all attain to the unity of the faith, and of the full knowledge of the Son of God, to a mature man, to the measure of the stature which belongs to the fullness of Christ” (Ephesians 4:7-16). Our website will continue to provide the ministry and stewardship God imparted to Doug as God permits. Pastor Doug Riggs – Memorial


++ In this article “Seven Simple Steps Toward Online Privacy,” are recommendations for protecting your privacy while surfing the web, most of which don’t cost anything.


++—–Original Message—–From: Virginia Sent: Friday, February 4, 2022 1:00 AM To: Scott Johnson Subject: Something your listeners should be aware of–I know you’ve talked about the muslim sleeper cells here before, but did you know there are spies who pretend to be Christians to gather info about us? I think I just had a real-life experience with it: I was recently working at a hotel where about 6 of the housekeepers were guys from Africa, ranging in age from maybe 18 to early 20s, students at SUU.  I was getting to know each of them a little since I was working in the laundry room when they came to get sheets and towels and I tend to be somewhat chatty.  They spoke enough English to understand simple sentences. They all seemed very nice, but two of them didn’t seem to want to talk much, understandably why would they want to chat with a lady who is almost 60.  haha.  There were two sets of brothers among them. One time one of the guys with a brother came in playing some Christian worship music on his headphones, that I could hear.  I asked him if he was a Christian and said “yes.”  I said Awesome! I am too! and told him I liked the music he was playing.  I turned out that his brother, also working there, was a Muslim,  and he used to be Muslim alsoI asked him how he became a Christian. He said he had been converted after he came here.  I think it was about 6 months that he had been here working.  I was kind of shocked.  We would talk a little at work.   But in the next couple of weeks I thought it was kind of strange that he was laughing and joking with the other guys from Africa (not sure if they were all muslim), thinking how could there be “fellowship” if he was a Christian.  Why wasn’t he being ostracised, mocked, etc., like I’ve experienced many times at work.  No he was good buddies with the rest of them. But he didn’t seem to be very close to his brother, who was a more serious type. Another one of the African guys tried to get me in trouble at work in a sly way. Long story.  And his plan sort of worked, and I wondered if that was some mild Christian persecution.  I continued to be friendly to all of them.  The “Christian” guy said he went to church on campus once a week.  I was asking him if he had some other muslim friends who might be interested in a Bible study.  He said he did, but nothing ever came of it.  I got sick… I told him what happened. He did ask me for my phone number, but we never contacted each other. He had gotten his vax in Africa. I warned him about the vaccines and said the next one might be the Mark of the Beast.  I gave him some links with the info.  But  now I’m leaving town for a new job since my hours were cut, since business was slow.  The weird thing is… few weeks ago, I believe it was the Holy Spirit who prompted me to look up something online about the muslims…I’m not even sure what I was searching.  But I “stumbled upon” a website that said many of the muslims that come here are fakes, they are planted here to try to befriend infidels and gather info to give to the extremist muslims in there area, phone numbers, addresses, etc, so that when jihad is begun, they will know exactly where to find us.  They are spies basically.  I’m not sure if the “Christian” guy was a fake and a spy, but in my gut I suspect that he is.  If you walk around playing loud worship music, usually young people, their peers would mock them, but I never saw that. 

Anyways, here is the website:


++ From: scott@ Sent: Tuesday, January 18, 2022 11:53 AM To: Scott Johnson Subject: emf blocking–Hi Scott, Just started listening to your latest audio. Just wanted to comment on the emf topic. I’ve been following this topic for years now (not as much lately) as I feel like I’ve been emf damaged from my time working in video games. I’ve been out of that environment since 2009 but there were lots of high exposure devices back in those days (crt monitors, routers everywhere and cell phones). Anyways, went through lots of meters and protective measures over the years. Here’s my tips:

1- Aluminum window screen: You can buy rolls of this on Amazon. It is a well known as being effective at blocking emf. There are or were a lot of Youtube videos on people testing it. I’ve tested it myself and it works. I can have my phone pegging my meter and put it on the other side of the mesh and it drops it down to a safe level. My primary work space is surrounded by it as I’ve hung it up on my walls. Yes, people that come into my space always ask and give me the “look” but so what. Dollar for dollar, it’s the cheapest way to protect yourself. Lead paint is great if you can find it but as you pointed out it’s expensive. If you end up moving then you can take it with you. Lead stays behind.

2- Meter: Safe and Sound Pro II. I’ve had and tested many and this is the one I settled on. It covers a broader range of the spectrum than most other models including the lower 5g bandwith. 

3- Aluminum foil: I use the foil to cover emitters such as our router. I built a wood box and started layering foil on it (super 77 spray glue to attach). Using my meter I can then decide how much emf I want to let through and then stop layering. This way when my wife and kids want their emf for their phones I can remove the box and put it on when not needed or when sleeping. 

4- Clothing: I do have the clothing and it does work but it’s expensive and the silver eventually falls off the threads even if not washing it from rubbing around. The bed coverings work and will last as your not rubbing them as much.

Electric cars are high emf emitters (probably one of the reasons to move everyone into them)


EMF is similar to radar in that it’s line of site. So, if you put up the aluminum mesh but left a gap in your covering that just so happened to be in the direction of the cell tower or your neighbors router then the emf can enter and then bounce around inside till it dissipates or finds and exit point. This is where the meter helps you test out your protection builds. This is also what makes airplanes and trains such toxic environments. A whole bunch of people in a metal tube with not only their cell phones on but the wifi being emitted from the plane for the passengers. It just bounces around with hundreds of emitters with nowhere to go. If I have to fly I always wear my silver lined clothing including head covering. It’s fun going through security with that on as it blocks the body scanners. I’ve seen the results including getting the 3rd degree from security. 

One more topic not often discussed is dirty electricity. It can have similar or worse effects than emf and it’s in everyone’s houses. The industry could have prevented this when they rolled out the electrification by having the power generating plants produce clean but they didn’t (probably by design). Studies have shown that when the US rolled out electricity to houses the overall health of the nation plummeted. This is too big of a topic to cover here but this can be mitigated too by companies like Greenwave.  Best, Scott


++—– Original message —–From: <d…>To: Scott Johnson < > Subject: Invive Testimony

Date: Tuesday, January 25, 2022 8:36 AMHi Scott, I ordered a 6 pack of the 5000ppm silver (seems like the best deal) when my wife and I became ill in late Dec last year. Everyone around us here in Toronto was testing positive for COVID (which doesn’t mean much) but we were very sick and my wife was and is pregnant.

After weeks of being sick with hacking coughs and fevers the silver arrived and we both began taking it in about 10 drop doses multiple times a day. After two days the main symptoms had lifted and we both started to recover from this long drawn illness – it was a Godsent.

But I noticed other effects from the silver. I had these marks that had been forming on my back behind where my heart is.

For years these marks have slowly been growing – I also had a sharp pain around my heart which I figured was some sort of infection. However, when I went to our wonderful, socialist hospitals I was told nothing was wrong; and the #1 questions everyone here is asked who needs help but doesn’t get is, “are you sure you’re not high on drugs and just paranoid?”

Our healthcare system is broken. 

The abnormal amount of phlegm I was coughing up coincide with the dissipation of the chest pain AND the gradual healing of the marks on my back. 

My pregnant wife is also thriving – its common for women to fear taking strong cures while pregnant, but she had no side effects as promised and is better than ever!

I can’t say how appreciative I am of you and what you have done by publishing free protocols and medical treatments like Invive – I know God has your rewards for such charity stored up and waiting for you. 

God bless!