Newsletter: Emergency Freedom Alerts: 12-16-20

Play: X-Mas: The Biggest Pagan Holiday/Holyday of the Year  December 25 has (long BEFORE the birth of Christ Jesus) been known as the “nativity” of the sun–This date is the birthday of Tammuz, the reincarnation of the sun god Nimrod. On 12/24/1871 Charles H. Spurgeon said: “It was not till the middle of the third century that any part of the Church celebrated the birth of our Lord;.. Probably the fact is that the ‘holy’ days were arranged to fit in with the heathen festivals. We venture to assert that if there be any day in the year of which we may be pretty sure that it was NOT the day on which our Savior was born, it is the 25th of December” Ephesians 5 (KJV) calls us to not partake in these rituals, to not submit ourselves to these false gods or fear their rule, but be imitators of God and children of light instead.

Play: End Time Current Events–12-20-15 — Part 1 Historians Shows Link Between Christmas & the Ancient Pagan Romans–Semiramis, Tammuz, Christmas & Human Sacrifice–“Demon Revels”: Pagans Exchange Male Infant Body Parts as Gifts on Christmas Eve/December 24th

Play: End Time Current Events–12-20-15 — Part 2 The Origins Of Christmas–Cernunnos | Feasting on December’s Darkness–Scott Johnson’s Past Teachings on X-mas 

Where is the Pandemic? Total Deaths in 2020 Are NO DIFFERENT Than Prior Years

Ten year study shows that UNVACCINATED are far healthier than their vaccinated peers who suffer from more respiratory infections, asthma, allergies, etc.

Lethal Injection: The Story Of Vaccination

87,000 Nurses In The Netherlands Refuse To Take COVID Vaccine…

Coca Cola Tests Positive for COVID-19 in Austrian Parliament

Asymptomatic Covid-19 spread isn’t real, so why are people still wearing a mask?

Gym Owners Who Racked Up $1.2 Million in Fines for Defying Lockdowns Go Viral

Most NYC firefighters will not be getting vaccinated for COVID-19

Anti-mask protesters in ID overwhelm cops, force cancellation of public health meeting…

Now the nursing homes skeptical of the vaccine

From: Douglas Riggs
Subject: Listen to Chief Justice Mogoeng’s Anti-COVID Vaccine prayer at a thanksgiving ceremony
This BOLD and righteous prayer and stand against mandated COVID Vaccine in South Africa Chief Justice Mogoeng is absolutely phenomenal!! Do we have anyone in the US or state government that represents the stature and integrity of Chief Justice Mogoeng!!  South Africa Chief Justice Mogoeng Mogoeng defends ‘666’ vaccine prayer–Chief Justice Mogoeng Mogoeng has defended a prayer he delivered at the Tembisa Hospital on 10 December 2020, saying there was nothing untoward about the prayer because South Africa was a secular state. Mogoeng prayed against corruption and COVID-19 vaccines, which he said might be harmful to humans. Mogoeng also said that he never said he was against vaccines, but against vaccines that may ‘corrupt’ DNA and called on God to destroy it.

Trump Betrays Humanity: Covid-19 has never been isolated for testing!!!! – Trump To Rollout 100 Million doses of COVID-19 Vaccine

Covid19 Virus Has Never Been Isolated And Purified, Therefore, It Has Not Been Proven To Exist! You Cannot Test For A Virus That Does Not Exist. And You Also Cannot Manufacture A Vaccine For A Virus That Does Not Exist!! That Is The Extent Of This Blatant Scam!

WILL THIS BE THE PREDICTED COVID-21 SCAMDEMIC STRAIN??–UK Claims New Highly Infectious Covid Strain Discovered In Southern England

Vaccine : Lies, Liability & Mandates– South Carolina employers can legally fire you if don’t get the vaccine–It will be corporate coercion like we’ve already seen in Idaho — with a Republican Gov and both houses of legislature Republican

Trump So Proud of ‘His Baby’ Operation Warp Speed “Let’s Roll”: Phase 2 of 9/11 and Patriot Act

HIDEOUS! Catholic Bishops Say “Moral responsibility” to Take COVID Vaccine (Even though contains aborted fetus cells) — APOSTATE CHURCH!

Walmart Outlines Vaccine Distribution Plans – The New York Times

Navajo Nation will receive first doses of COVID-19 vaccine early this week | TheHill

DEPOPULATION VAX: Trial subjects injected with coronavirus vaccines suddenly test positive for HIV!!!

6 Participants Died During Pfizer COVID Vaccine Trials!!! – FDA Document Reveals

CNN reveals that vaccinating elderly for COVID-19 could kill them, but if you mention this anywhere, you will be BANNED

Dr. Judy Mikovits and Dr. Sherri Tenpenny: A New COVID Vaccine Could Kill 50 Million People in the U.S.

Merck plant where COVID-19 vaccines will be manufactured a “biohazard nightmare,” production floor smeared with feces


Major Leak: List of 2 Million Chinese Communist Party (CCP) Members Around the World, Shows Pfizer and AstraZeneca Employed a Total of 123 Party Members

France: Accomplished Professor Thrown in Psych Hospital After Questioning Official COVID Narrative  (Summary & Story)

Canada Creates A Vaccine Injury Compensation Program Before COVID Vaccine Rollout

Fauci: Unless Americans Take The Vaccine, The Masks Need To Stay On 

United Airlines Kicks Family Off Flight Because 2-Year-Old Wouldn’t “Comply” With Mask Mandate

More than 200 girls have been hospitalized after receiving shots of a vaccine to prevent cervical cancer, called Gardasil.

NJ Lawmaker Wants MANDATORY Corona Shot For All Kids WITHOUT EXEMPTION


No Vax, No Flight? Airlines are considering vaccine mandates for passengers. ACTION ALERT!


How the politicians, rich and celebrities will be taking the vaccine

Anti-mask protesters in Idaho overwhelm cops, force cancellation of public health meeting

Instead of Arresting Hungry Woman for Stealing Food, Cop Pays for Her Groceries

48% Of U.S. Small Businesses Fear That They May Be Forced To “Shut Down Permanently” Soon

Watch “Russia Tells Citizens Not to Drink Alcohol for 6 Weeks After Covid Vaccine, Putin Wont Be Taking It”

Pfizer COVID Jab Warning: No Breastfeeding, Avoid Pregnancy for 2 Months or it Might Damage the Child

Sausage Making at FDA: How Human Cancer Cells Got Into Vaccines

NY considers making vaccine mandatory…

5 maps that show how we can distribute COVID vaccines to everyone

Pandeception: From COVID-19 To The New World Order (Documentary)

UPDATE: FL officials defend raid on Covid whistleblower as new questions emerge…
Anti-vaxxer activist found dead…

Covid Nazi Tyranny In Canada For A Pastor Feeding the Poor!! This time it was the SS that came knocking at my door! Six more Tickets!

Urgent listen–ER Physician warns the public that the bait & switch is coming

The Rutherford Institute has asked the U.S. Supreme Court to keep the government from meddling in church affairs.

4 volunteers develop FACIAL PARALYSIS after taking Pfizer Covid-19 jab, prompting FDA to recommend ‘surveillance for cases’

United Nations – Dark Winter – We Must Add Vaccine’s To Our Tool Kit – We Have The DNA

Experts Warn: mRNA Vaccines May Cause Irreversible DNA Damage

U.K. announces that passports will soon include vaccine stamps

COVID THEATRE: UK Health Secretary Matt Hancock Weeps Uncontrollably As Margaret Keenan, 91, Becomes World’s First COVID-19 Vaccine Recipient

Lockdown Death Toll Tops 100,000, All Killed By Their Own American Governors – The Blood Of These Deaths Are On The Hands Of Power-Hungry Politicians – ‘For the victims of lockdown, the greatest crime of the 21st century’ 

China is Performing ‘Unauthorised’ COVID Vaccine Trials on Foreign Workers in Papua New Guinea

82% Of Americans Say They Couldn’t Afford $500 Emergency Thanks To COVID-19

Johns Hopkins Lays Out Plan to Vaccinate Ethnic Minorities and Mentally Challenged First

New York Sends “Mask Squads” to Enforce Social Distancing In Multiple Counties

Controversial COVID-19 Data Scientist’s Home Raided, Guns Pointed at Family, Computers Seized

Warning Profanity: US Mother Has Had Enough With Mask Wearing!

Photos: ‘COVID ID Card’ To Be Rolled Out In UK

Pfizer, AstraZeneca and GlaxoSmithKline all INFILTRATED by communist Chinese CCP loyalists… vax industry (and many more) totally compromised!

Over 20 governors with ties to the CCP sauce is in picture format

Talk about Communist Infiltration of our Country: Just look at all these photos of U.S. Governors with their Communist Chinese Blackmail Masters—In just one example, North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper photographed with Chinese Minister Xu Xueyuan.×900

And chairman Xi.×900

For the full listing of all governors go to:


How the Covid Response Has Destroyed the Personal Finances of Americans

Restaurant Industry Warns Of “Economic Free Fall” As 110,000 Eateries And Counting Are Permanently Shuttered

Food Lines Grow Miles Long as Politicians Break Rules to Dine at Fancy Restaurants, Take Vacations



Millions Of Working-Poor Americans Forced to Turn to Food Banks

They’re Here To STEAL, KILL, & DESTROY (2020)

Pathologist Petitions FDA to Halt Pfizer Emergency Use Authorization Until Vaccine Efficacy Confirmed

How Operation Warp Speed Generates Big Payouts for Pharma Execs

INSANE: Seattle Goes from Defunding the Police to Canceling Most Crimes Entirely

FDA Shuts Down Natural Pain Options FDA-approved pain medicines are dangerous, but the government is systematically attacking safer, non-addictive natural treatments. ACTION ALERT! 

FCC Gives $9.2B for Rural 5G, Some for Controversial Satellites, Even Though Taxpayers Already Paid for Safe High Speed Internet

Cop Pleades Guilty to 50 Child Porn Charges – Gets NO JAIL & Will Not Register as Sex Offender

Highly lethal H5N8 avian flu virus is spreading like wildfire: Millions of chickens and ducks are being culled: Another 250,000 to be culled in Japan with another 760,000 in danger and 500,000 set to be culled in Japan’s neighbours, South Korea

Chemtrails–You still think this is a conspiracy theory?


Dripping Oil Bible Exposed as a Scam!!!!

THE NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS: Vatican Unveils Visually Repulsive 2020 Nativity Scene That Would Be Right At Home In Any Horror Movie

‘Go and sin no more’ could land you in jail :Activists want to ban not only the so-called ‘conversion therapy,’ they also want to prevent people from criticizing their lifestyle. Includes a veto on the preaching and the practice of churches regarding sexu 

Did Norway Just Criminalize ‘Misgendering’ a Trans Person, Even in Private Homes?

The Church Of The Remnant: Sinners In the Hands of an Angry God

Alex Jones Is Totally Demon Possessed–Disrupts Speech At March For Trump <<This happened right after Alex Jones was invoking the name of Jesus as his Lord and Savior over and over in a previous speech he just gave in DC!!!!! “Ye shall know them by their fruits”One comment about this read: I saw her video and he just rolled up there yelling in the megaphone. Man let her speak too!!! He must be the center of attention.  Jones probably snorted a huge pile of coke beforehand!!

Scott Johnson’s Comment: That is exactly what I thought, yes he looked like he was drugged out of his mind. For some more context here: Jones had just spoken to thousands right before this happened at another huge venue (where he was invoking over and over the name of his supposed Lord and savior Jesus Christ) and then he turns around moments later and flying into a total demon possessed profanity filled rage, because he could not speak at this much smaller venue (that he had crashed with his followers)!!!! And because Jones did not get his way, he turned all his followers against this other venue (which just wanted to talk about the stealing of the election). Who does something like this? I felt sorry for all the people at the smaller venue being demonized by Jones. He then went on his show and proceeded to lie and act like he was the victim (playing this poor little innocent Alex Jones bit, where he acted like everyone was against him!!!)<<I have seen him do this over and over in the years I have been monitoring Jones. What I am trying to convey is that this devil is pure evil and while it is definitely possible to glean from his show, Jones is pure evil.  

From: Become One That Can See
Sent: Friday, December 11, 2020 12:41 AM
To: Scott Johnson
Subject: Pastor Joe Schimmel In The Hospital–
Hi Dr. Scott, I’m not sure if I shared this with you before but I used to go to Pastor Joe Schimmel’s (They Sold Their Souls For Rock N’ Roll) Church. He was admitted to the hospital today (12/10) and as you know from your health background that’s never a good thing. He was already on medication for Atrial Fibrillation so his heart was in poor health already and then he contracted Covid. Here is a video of him explaining it which he posted on December 3rd. If you could please share his status so your listeners can pray for him and his family. God bless–Chris