Newsletter: Emergency Freedom Alerts: 1-15-24

Isaiah 2:18: And the idols he shall utterly abolish.

Isaiah 2:19: And they shall go into the holes of the rocks, and into the caves of the earth, for fear of the LORD, and for the glory of his majesty, when he ariseth to shake terribly the earth.

Isaiah 2:20: In that day a man shall cast his idols of silver, and his idols of gold, which they made each one for himself to worship, to the moles and to the bats…

UN “Climate” Summit: End Energy (In US), Global Taxes, War on Humanity

Major Manufacturer Warns “Global Shortage of Gunpowder” Will Set Ammo Prices on Fire 

Bronx food pantry empty for first time in 10 years, forcing them to turn families away ‘It’s very heartbreaking. People line up at six or seven in the morning,’ the 52-year-old said in a phone interview. ‘We tell them: ‘Don’t wait, we have no food today.” 



Look what is being done in the state of Maine!


Absurd: Not a single EV charging station has been completed 2 YEARS after Congress approved $7.5B for it

Americans Are Being Scammed In More Sophisticated Ways Than Ever

AI Image Generator Creators Are Disturbed Perverts That Deliberately Added 3,200 Suspected Child Sexual Abuse Images Into The AI Database Which Pedophiles Are Using For Their Sick Fantasies! 

Navy Vet Who Destroyed Satanist Symbol Speaks Out: ‘We Should Not Tolerate Satan’

AMEN! 3000 doctors, scientists say NO! ‘New lawsuit challenges HHS rule that forces doctors to perform controversial gender transition procedures on children’; The number of doctors and medical

Florida State Surgeon General Calls for Halt in the Use of COVID-19 mRNA Vaccines

The AARP just told its 38 million members to get an eighth (yes, EIGHTH!) shot of mRNA

Grand Jury Petition ‘Vaccine’ Crime Evidence Being Sent to Pennsylvania Governor and Attorney General

Study: Most Pfizer COVID jab deaths occur within first 10 days of injection, proving causal relationships between vaccines and fatalities

National American Renaissance Movement Call To Action – Its 2024 – Lets Build OUR New World Together – THIS IS OUR TIME

17 Million Murdered By COVID Vaccines and Voodoo Death

Complete Resolution Of Severe Heart Palpitations Associated With Self Assembly Nanotechnology Contaminated Blood From Shedding Resolved With EDTA IV Chelations – 2 Case Reports Part 2 of 2

Bromelain — N-Acetylcysteine NAC — Nattokinase – Methylene Blue — Vitamin C — Breaks down the rubbery clots affecting the covid vaxxed and even the covid unvaxxed) — Destroy the Covid Bioweapon Spike Protein With Many Other Benefits


Supplements Dr. Johnson Carries:

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++My choices of Vitamin C: I recommend that every adult take at least 6 grams of vitamin C per day if you are being exposed to the Covid vaxxed (but you can go double that is you feel you are infected) for optimum dosing. Space out your dosages every 2-4 hours ideally.

Innate Response Vitamin C-400 180ct

Innate Response C-Complete Powder 81gm

Bio-C Plus 1000™ (100 T)

Pure Encapsulations Bromelain 2400 500 Mg. 60 capsules

++NAC (Helps to get the metals and graphene oxide in the jabs out of the body)

Pure Encapsulations NAC 900 Mg. 120 capsules–Also comes in a 240ct now

++Nattokinase (Nattokinase has been proven in studies to break down blood clots and naturally thin the blood–Blood clots, red blood cell aggregation & strokes are a huge issues with the Covid jabs)

Davinci Labs NATTOKINASE PLUS 60 capsules <<Always take on an empty stomach

Methylene Blue Effects Against Micro Robots and Rubbery Clot Development – A Possible Hopeful Adjunct Solution? I have previously shown my experiment with C19 unvaccinated blood – 30 ml drawn and left overnight in comparison with using Methylene Blue. The rubbery yellow clot developed in the blood without anything, but appeared to be over 90% reduced in the blood treated with Methylene Blue ( 0.5 cc of a 10mg/ml vial).

Methylene Blue Binds Hydrogel In Lantus Insulin – Lantus Insulin Creates Chip Like Crystals, Methylene Blue Prevents Chip Formation

Methylene Blue Prevents And Reverses Prion Disease, Amyloid and Rubbery Clot Formation, Binds Hydrogel Polymers, Dissolves Nanotech Building Blocks

Methylene Blue Prevents Rubbery Clot Formation, Essential Oils Help Too – Experiment Documentation

Ana Maria Mihalcea, MD, PhD:

For now, my frontrunners for the nanotechnology detox are

  1. EDTA for metal detox that are used for the biosensors and regenerating the red blood cell zeta potential to prevent clotting
  2. Vitamin C in high doses for clot prevention and regeneration of electrical conductivity of the blood,
  3. Methylene Blue as clean up for the hydrogel and powerful electron donor.
  4. Essential Oils to dissolve polymer plastics like styrene.

++Will the FDA Supplement Bomb Detonate in 2024? It is without doubt a new year, but an old threat from the FDA could make it a lot less happy for many of us if it’s used to eliminate tens of thousands of health-giving supplements from the market. Action Alert!

++PFAS Action Now! The EPA released a progress report on its efforts to tackle the widespread contamination of our world with dangerous PFAS “forever” chemicals. While there have been positive steps, the overall impression left by this report is that we need to do much, much more to protect our health. Action Alert!

++Will Congress Recognize that Food is Medicine? Two recent studies provide further evidence for the ancient maxim “Let food be thy medicine.” It’s time for Congress to take concrete steps towards recognizing the truth in those words. Action Alert!

Landmark Fluoride Lawsuit Restarts in January: Here Are Four Reasons You Should Care

++Gene-Silencing Pesticides Dodge Scrutiny The EPA has already failed at protecting Americans from the dangers of chemical pesticides, but this new generation of products opens a whole new can of worms on safety that the EPA is doing its best to ignore. Action Alert!

9 Health Benefits of Garlic

Magnesium Puts Psychiatric Drugs to Shame for Depression

++Ingredients To Avoid In Processed Food–Take this list with you anywhere! Click the link, save image to your computer or phone, and/or print at home: 

Printable list of ingredients to avoid – U.S. Version

Printable list of ingredients to avoid – European Version

Printable full page version to share with friends – U.S. Version

Printable full page version to share with friends – European Version


New Agers Claim Jesus Christs Teachings are From The Emerald Tablets of Thoth the Atlantean??? Billy Carson Jesus

Debunking Dark Light: Stewart Best Teaches Initiation Equals Regeneration

Warning Beyond Evil/Vile: Transpocalypse Now – Are They Trying To Tell Us?

Scott Johnson’s Teachings:

Romans 13 & Unlimited Subservience to the Government: Where should a Bible Believing Christian Draw the Line?

Feds Train 501c3 Clergy To ‘Quell Dissent’ During Martial Law (3 Parts)

Disturbing 501c3 Corporate Church Report

The 501c3 Church Being Muzzled

++From: KELVIN Sent: Tuesday, December 5, 2023 9:21 AM To: Scott Johnson Subject: So true-This happens and it happened to me when I was in military.

++From: m… Sent: Monday, December 11, 2023 3:17 PM To: Drjohnson Subject: Narcissists & Paranormal Activity Narcissist demons bro they got the same nature as there father the devil !!!!…that verse just stands out to me I think its in gospel of John ….

++From: Lauri  Sent: Monday, September 5, 2022 10:47 PM To: Dr. Scott Johnson  Subject: Supplements Scott, Would you please send me a large bottle of *VasculoSirt and *Mg orotate as soon as you are able? I have not had any AFib issues since taking 8 of the vasculosirt and 8 bio cardiozyme a day. Thank you so much. Because He Lives, Lauri

++On Sat, Sep 10, 2022, at 1:18 PM, Cristina B wrote: I must thank you because I heard you first speaking about PQQ and this supplement helped me a lot for my heart problem. I am sure I had covid more than once, maybe I had all the variants that circulated, but I never got tested and I always went to work even if I felt very fatigue and pqq with Co q10 and B vitamins helped me to be able to work.C arnitine; I added only now because only now I remembered it is good for energy. Thank you again for all your info for Free. God will certainly reward you în heaven for all you do.–GBU