Mars, Lord Maitreya, The Ascended Masters & Strong Delusion

Mars, Lord Maitreya, The Ascended Masters & Strong Delusion

In this teaching we will be examining a very important tenant of the end time delusion relating to the recently released NASA photos of the surface of Mars (taken from the “Viking Mars Probe”). If you haven’t heard of these photos you really need to listen to this teaching as Satan is setting mankind up for the greatest, seductive delusion the world has ever known.

We will also be exploring how this deception is integrally tied into the emergence of the antichrist and even WWIII. You will be shown how evil figures (who call themselves “Ascended Masters”) are poised to make their emergence most likely in conjunction with WWIII. We will be looking at various “Ascended Masters” by name (ie: Lord Maitreya, Master Jesus Sananda, Master Mary Magda, Ascended Master Mary, etc.) and see who they pretend to represent and what their message is. You will be shocked. We will also see how the Lord Jesus Christ predicted that as in the days of Noah, so shall it be in the days of the coming of the son of man. So we will look at what was happening in Noah’s days to discern what to expect in the day and time we are living in.

For most of you this will be the first time you have every heard such information but we will prove that the Bible clearly predicted this end time scenario to be forthcoming. There is much more that is covered in this teaching, so please arm yourselves with this vital knowledge.

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