Lakeland Revival, Conv. Child Molester-Todd Bentley, Lying Signs & Wonders-Part 2

Recently ‘Christian Television’ (primarily through ‘God-TV’) have issued glowing reports of a ‘revival’ breaking out in Lakeland, Florida at ‘Ignited Church’ pastored by Stephen Strader. Every night up to 126 million people are being deceived by this movement/Todd Bentley (convicted child molester, see: who looks more like a Hell’s Angels biker than a man of God. Mr. Bentley is a certified false prophet/teacher from the infamous Elijah List, an umbrella group that markets all the bogus ‘prophetic’ material their many seers sell. Many of these forerunners for the antichrist are heralding this outbreak as the much-touted outpouring of the ‘Latter Rain’ and ‘Third Wave’. One of the main problems with Mr. Bentley’s healings though, is that he is doing so (admittedly) by the power of a supposed female angel named Emma-O. This is the same spirit that supposedly ‘birthed’ the Kansas City Prophet movement & The Pensacola and Toronto Revivals (among her many accomplishments).

The Encyclopedia Britannica identifies Emma-o in Japanese Buddhist mythology as the overlord of hell. The information contained in this teaching is truly unbelievable but easily verifiable & well documented. Wendy Alec, co-founder of God-TV prophesied regarding this latest ‘outpouring’ of the unholy spirit: ‘THIS is just the warm up party – for what you shall see in the coming days shall even make these days pale – with what I have up my sleeve…’

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