Islamic Muslim Agenda & Debauchery Exposed–Part 2

Table of Contents:

  • Contrast what Islamic Fanatics say, with the Word of God says-Bible Study
  • Religion of Peace launches 22 rockets from Gaza; 150 in six days…
  • Israel: The last rocket hit the graveyard in Magen
  • New  Muslim Tracts
  • A Germans View of Islam
  • Muslim’s are exempt from Obamacare but for Christians who refuse to pay, liens can be placed against assets and hard prison time is our punishment
  • Israel’s Tiny Landmass & the Consequences of Taking Her Land
  • Muslim Cleric: Jerusalem to be Capital of Egypt Under Mursi Rule
  • PA youth taught that suicide terrorists are “greatest role models” on EU-funded NGO’s TV program
  • Obama’s pal Louis Farrakhan praises Sharia law, threatens ‘Death’ Unless ‘America Submits’, Allah Will ‘Bring Down’ America’s Skyscrapers

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PDF: End Time Current Events 7-8-12