Inauguration Abomination-Part 1

Inauguration Abomination-Part 1

Episcopal Bishop Vicki Gene Robinson, who left his wife and children to pursue an openly homosexual lifestyle while refusing to step down as a ‘Bishop’ (which subsequently touched off a worldwide struggle within his denomination over homosexuality and Scripture) delivered the invocation Sunday at a concert to kick off the inaugural celebrations.

CFR member Rick Warren of California’s Saddleback Church (who will deliver the invocation at Tuesday’s official inauguration) released a statement applauding Obama’s appointment of Robinson, all in the name of being ‘in search of common ground.’
In addition to Robinson, retired Methodist ‘pastor’ Dr. Joseph E. Lowery, an advocate of homosexual civil unions & homosexuals in the clergy, is scheduled to deliver the benediction nearing the close of the inauguration. ‘
The Rev. Sharon E. Watkins, who leads the liberal Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), was tapped to give the sermon in the National Prayer Service at Washington National Cathedral. In addition, the ‘Lesbian and Gay Band Association’ will march in the inaugural parade, marking the first time in American history for a group of this nature to be officially invited to participate in a presidential procession.

According to, the official website of the president-elect, the administration lists that several of its goals, once in office, will be to: ‘repeal the Defense of Marriage Act’ and the military’s ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ policy against openly-homosexual persons being in the military; ‘expand adoption rights’ for homosexual couples; ‘oppose a Constitutional ban of same-sex marriage,’ and ‘expand hate crimes statutes’ at the federal level.
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