Identifying False Prophets, Preachers and Teachers-Part 3
10/07/2007 & 10/14/2007

The Bible says that FALSE: christs, apostles, prophets, pastors, teachers, workers, and brethren will come from the churches and to the churches particularly in the end times. God wants the true believers to be aware of them and to reject them. They will come appearing as true and sincere but they are deceptive workers. For example a false pastor will appear as a true pastor, a false prophet will appear as a true prophet, a false teacher will appear as a true teacher, and so on. In short, a false church will appear as a true church. Even though they appear as true, Jesus Christ says that they are wolves in sheep’s clothing & they will deceive many. If possible they will seduce even the very elect with signs and wonders. Etc… So, if you and I do not know the difference between the true and false workers, then we will be deceived. The Word of God teaches how to know a true pastor from false pastors, a true prophet from false prophets, a true teacher from false teachers, a true worker from false workers, a true evangelist from false evangelists, and so on. The word of God cautions us about them, instructs us to identify them and advise us to reject them. With this in mind let us study the word of God.

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