End Time Current Events Updates: 11/1/09-Part 1

End Time Current Events Updates-Part 1

Teaching Overview- In this study we will be covering the following topics:

+ Obama signs the ‘hate-crimes’ bill giving special
status and protections to sodomites
• President Obama has just propelled America into
the “New Sodom”.
• Homosexual Halloween Hate: ‘Gay’ Couple Targets
Maggie Gallagher, Carrie Prejean in Vicious Rooftop
• Pastors to Proclaim Jesus Loves Gays at Gay Pride
• Why boys are turning into girls
• Religious leaders join to battle climate change
• Important Notice for America’s Future Re: Treaty
of Copenhagen
• Soros: China Will Lead New World Order
• Deception Alert: The Master’s (Devil Maitreya’s)
article for Share International magazine, October
• Thousands gather as Virgin Mary set to make major
statement at Knock shrine
• Dallas Share Int’l – update
• Rocketown controversy: hardcore satanic metal at
‘Christian’ teen venue Rocketown Halloween week
• The Law of Attraction and Witchcraft

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PDF: End Time Current Events 11-1-09