End Time Current Events Updates: 11-15-09-Part 2

End Time Current Events Updates-Part 2

Teaching Overview – In this study we will be covering the following topics:

December 7-18–Treaty Treason?–Two Goals–Twelve Results–This Treaty Usurps US Constitution Stop Barack Obama’s Copenhagen Treason
Lies & Propaganda–WWF: Will President Obama Lead Our Country at the UN Climate Conference?
Alan Carlin, The Statistics that Debunk Global Warming
Al Gore sued by over 30,000 Scientists for Global Warming Fraud by John Coleman Weather Channel Founder
Apostate Church bells to Ring out Warning on Climate Change
Religious leaders met for discussions at the Palace of Peace and Accord
Vatican prepares for extraterrestrial disclosure
Con-CERN-ing Full Disclosure And Maitreya?
CNBC – Dollar Will be Utterly Destroyed, Global Currency, New World Order
To whom does Obama owe his allegiance?>>Hint: Islam
TBN Theme Park Targeted for Gay Day
Video Games Exposed
VeriChip buys Steel Vault, changes name to “PositiveID”, creating micro-implant health record/credit score empire
Microchiping included in Healthcare Bill?
UK starts study on using human DNA in animals
Airport Security X-Ray Machines ‘Tear Apart DNA’
Church’s money giveaway: Alsip pastor’s cash prizes fill pews
Mainline Churches Use Defective Bibles to Approve Sin

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