End Time Current Events & Health Alerts: 11-29-09-Part 3

End Time Current Events & Health Alerts-Part 3

Teaching Overview – In this study we will be covering the following topics:
Iowa and North Carolina Reports Raise Fears H1N1 Mutations Have Reached United States
Dr. Johnson’s Presentation: Avian Flu/Pandemics: What to Expect & How to Prepare (1-16)
Video: Church Administering H1N1 Shots- Blacks, Latinos, Pregnant Women and Children Targeted
Listener Feedback
Shocking H1N1 Swine Flu Vaccine Miscarriage Stories From Pregnant Women – Tell Your Doctors That Vaccines And Pregnancy Do Not Mix!
Low Vitamin D Levels Linked To Proliferation of H1N1
1989 Article Mentions Using A (Swine Flu) Vaccine To Inject Microchip Implants
Hindu sacrifice of 250,000 animals begins

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PDF: End Time Current Events-Health Alert-11-29-09