End Time Current Events–9-13-16 – Part 3

Table of Contents:

  • Part 2: POPE FRANCIS ecumenical gathering, one of the largest and longest between the three monotheist faiths, will happen from September 4-23, 2016
  • DARPA Investing Tens-Of-Millions For Mind-Control Microchips; NBC News Says “Chipping” Of Children By States Will Be “As Normal As Bar Codes” Starting In 2017
  • Moscow “Designer Babies And Human Enhancement Forum” Says Half Of All Children Will Soon Be Genetically Engineered… Same-Sex Couples Will Have Offspring Made Of Both Partners DNA… Single Persons Will Have Eggs & Sperm Created From Their Skin Cells Enabling Them To Be Both Mother And Father Of Their GMO “Children”…
  • Something More Than They’ve Admitted? NASA’s New “MINION” DNA Sequencer On The International Space Station Was Created TO WORK ON ALIENS
  • Physicists Weigh In On Dimensional Doorways, Warn CERN Stargate “Awake” Experiments Really Could Open Destructive (Demonic) Portals
  • Millennial’s Seen As Key To Introducing 666, Buying & Selling Via Biometric Scanning
  • Listener Comment: Fiber Optic Detection Ability of Big Brother

PDF: End Time Current Events 9-13-16

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