End Time Current Events: 7-27-14 — Part 2

Table of Contents:
• Every Single Person Needs to See This CNN Interview–Hamas is committing massive self-genocide to its women and children
• Disturbing Video Footage Of Hamas Using Children As Human Shields
• HAMAS savagely beats Gaza civilians who heed IDF calls to leave targeted areas
• Hamas Fires at IDF From Hospital, Israel Bombs It Only After Making Sure There was no one Inside the Building
• Rocket fire signals end of Israel-Hamas truce–Hamas rejects latest offer
• Muslim Terrorist Posts: “Bucket full of heads any1 in aus want some organs please dont be shy to ask”: Smirking Australian terrorist poses with decapitated heads in sickening pictures posted online
• ‘They are savages,’ say Christians forced to flee Mosul by Isis
• Sick ISIS video emerges showing 50 beheaded Syrian soldiers being impaled on poles and held aloft in Raqqa
• A Word From Israel to the Entire World
• Egyptian doctor: Stop exploiting Palestine as wedge against Jewish Israel
• The Most Important Video About Israel Ever Made–The Middle East Problem
• Hundreds of Muslims ignore ban in Paris to protest Israel…Nazi salutes…
• Online anti-Semitism runs rampant…
• 10,000 Islamic march in London…Thousands in NYC…
• ISIS Blows Up The Tomb Of The Biblical Prophet Jonah In Iraq (VIDEO)
• Obama Signs $11 Billion Arms Deal with Hamas’s Greatest Ally: Qatar
• The target will be shopping malls. The method will be with explosive devices meant to inflict suffering and death and to wound as many as possible

PDF: End Time Current Events 7-27-14

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