End Time Current Events-6-18-17–Part 3

Table of Contents:

  • Will Refusing Vaccines Soon Lead to CPS Kidnapping Your Children for “Medical Neglect”?
  • New Law Means You Could Be Used As Subject Of Vaccine Experiment
  • US Feds plan to force vaccinations
  • Big Pharma Reaches into the Womb
  • Vaccine industry goes “nuclear” in push for new law that would deny you YOUR JOB if you aren’t vaccinated
  • Bill Gates &Top Globalists Foreshadow An Apocalyptic Biological Attack
  • How Will 260 Million Americans ‘Disappear’ In Less Than 8 Years? Deagel Has America Sitting Just Above Venezuela By 2025 With Purchasing Power Of US Dollar Ranked 78th In The World
  • The Days Ahead-What to Expect and How to Prepare–Proactive Measures In the Event of a Pandemic–Plus 5000 Mild Silver Protein Suggested Therapeutic Dosing Guidelines

PDF: End Time Current Events 6-18-17

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