End Time Current Events–5-29-17 – Part 4

Table of Contents:

  • Critics of Islam Censored As World Braces For More Terror–While Katy Perry and Ariana Grande are Silent About the Evil of Islam
  • Routine arrest of arguing Muslims leads Minneapolis police to huge weapons cache and bomb-making devices
  • Mosque Takes Over Pentecostal Church in North Carolina as Pastor Prays to Allah in Opening Service
  • WATCH: Muslims Make Sickening Move To Take Over Senate Floor With Prayer, Proud Veteran Steps In Immediately
  • Female Mutilation Comes to America!!! Muslim E.R. Doctor Arrested. In Michigan!!
  • Islamic Takeover Increasing – American School Surrenders to SHARIA LAW
  • Muslims DEMAND Locals in the UK: Don’t Walk Dogs In Public – Violation Of Sharia And “DISRESPECTS” Them

PDF: End Time Current Events 5-29-17

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