End Time Current Events-5-27-18-Part 2

Table of Contents:

  • UK: Descent into POLICE STATE
  • The BBC Is A Home For Radical Leftists & Racists
  • Tommy Robinson Sent to Prison– Lauren Southern
  • Islamic terrorists have carried out more than 33,176 deadly terror attacks since 9/11
  • Sexual Perversion in Islam (Beyond Evil!!!!!)
  • Muslim Brotherhood ‘paying gangs to go out and rape women and beat men protesting in Egypt’ as thousands of demonstrators pour on to the streets–’Men don’t have to worry about being caught’ The “Religion of Peace” strikes again: Sex mobs target Egypt’s women
  • Christian Girls in Egypt Kidnapped by Muslims, Raped & Converted
  • The Quran’s Evil Missing Verses on Stopping Lust by Letting Wives Breastfeed Younger Adult Men
  • Many Moroccan Muslims get rabies from raping donkey
  • California Muslim Hader Nasim tells his hired hit-man to: Run Over My Pregnant Wife and Park on Her Head to Make Sure She’s Dead–Why did he want to have her killed? There were difficulties in the marriage and Nasim had already been through one divorce. 
  • Christian Blood For Saudi Arabia Is Big Business (Stunning Video)
  • Extremely Deadly Virus Will Come From The Muslim World who love to drink camel urine
  • Fox News Confirms Tommy Robinson Sentenced 13 Months For Reporting on Pedophile Grooming Trial–Unprecedented: Media told not to report on Soviet-style disappearance

PDF: End Time Current Events 5-27-18

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