End Time Current Events: 5-16-10-Part 1

Table of Contents:

  • World Invocation Day–New Agers/Occults Unite on May 27th to Invoke & Pray for Maitreya’s Coming
  • Q & A with Benjamin Creme Proving Raj Patel is NOT Maitreya
  • New DVD–Aquarius: The Age Of Evil
  • Gerald Celente: 2010 Will be the Summer of Terror
  • Bob Chapman Breaks Down “The Plunge Protection Team”
  • False Flag Operations: The Crisis Route to the New World Order
  • YouTube – CIA Columbia Obama Cover Up
  • Manning’s ‘trial of the century’ of Obama begins
  • Day 1–report on the Manning trial of Barack Obama
  • Palestinians see Obama as their savior
  • The Church & Secret Societies: The Hidden Faith of Our Founding Fathers
  • Pentagon Turns To Brain Implants To Repair Minds
  • Beyond Treason-The Horrific Reality of Gulf War Syndrome
  • FACEBOOK.COM: intelligence agencies’ espionage site
  • New API Takes Facial Recognition From Facebook And Puts It Everywhere
  • Rape Rampant in Haiti’s Earthquake Camps
  • ‘Silly Women’ in Ministry
  • Biblical Qualifications for Pastors, Bishops, Elders, Deacons and Spiritual Overseers
  • New Abortion Laws Slowing Baby Killers
  • Why do modern Bibles disagree if they use the same Greek?
  • New eBook: Vanishing Proofs of Evolution
  • 100% Textus Receptus Bible in Spanish

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PDF: End Time Current Events 5-16-10