End Time Current Events-5-13-19-Part 2

Table of Contents:

  • Pentagon Tasked to begin Planning for MASSIVE Persian Gulf Troops
  • *Strike Coming?*Sleepers In Place?*The Hit List*Massive Firepower En Route*
  • Muslim Sleeper Cells–THEY ARE ALL AROUND US…
  • Why A War Against Iran May Bring Bloody Terror All Across America: Iranian Sleeper Cells Are Already Here, Some Embedded For Decades, Poised To Launch Large-Scale Terror Attacks¬†– Experts Warned Iran May Also Use Latin American Countries As ‘Launching Pad’ To Attack America
  • U.S. Intelligence Officials – Iranian Sleeper Cells Ready To Attack 2019!
  • FBI uncovers radical Islamic compound in Alabama
  • Muslims Patrolling Streets of NYC in Their Own Squad Cards: Residents Alarmed -There are now approximately 800,000 Muslims living in NYC. That is about 22% of the total population of Muslims in all of America which is about 3.7 million
  • Massive Fifth Column Forces Have Infiltrated The United States and Are Ready to Attack
  • Rick Wiles Insight & Insider Intel! | US Deploys More Warships, Bombers to MiddleEast
  • East Coast Power Plants Prepare For Huge Event!

PDF: End Time Current Events 5-13-19

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