End Time Current Events-4-29-19-Part 3

Table of Contents:

  • The Demonic Realm–This Is Getting Too Real–Why Are Very Few Talking About This!
  • A Believers Authority In Christ and Warring in the Spirit
  • Ancient Portals—Doors That NO ONE Should Open–How Devils Enter In
  • If This Doesn’t Wake Christians Up, Then I Don’t Know What Will…
  • Listener Question: How is a Christian supposed to approach sex outside of marriage?
  • World’s Top Rugby Player is in Danger of Losing His Career over His Christian Faith–Outspoken superstar under fire for religious social media posts
  • Listener Question About Watching Porn & Not Stopping
  • I Found Myself in Hell–The Reason Why Will Surprise You

PDF: End Time Current Events 4-29-19

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