End Time Current Events: 4-27-14 — Part 1

Table of Contents:

  • Bible Verses
  • Repost: Easter/Ishtar–Paganism Repackaged
  • Popes Blasphemous Idolatrous Route to Catholic Sainthood
  • Cliven Bundy’s Pro-Black, Pro-Mexican, Anti-Government Statements Completely Discredits New York Times
  • Black Soldiers: Cliven Bundy Is Not Racist
  • HOAX EXPOSED: Full Clip Of Cliven Bundy’s Non-Racist, Pro-Black, Pro-Mexican, Anti-Government Remarks Vs. NYTimes’ Deceptively Edited Version
  • Chilling Truth: The Siege of the Bundy Ranch Reaches into the White House
  • Barack Obama and the BLM Land Grab: The Evil Agenda of Communist Takeover

PDF: End Time Current Events 4-27-14

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