End Time Current Events–4-24-16 – Part 4

Table of Contents:

  • Shocking Chemtrail Flu And Its Alarming Symptoms
  • Invive 5000 ppm Mild Silver Protein Protocol for Chemtrail Flu
  • Invive Silver Common Protocols – How to
  • Silver-colloids.com – Frank Keys – Ron Gibbs – Meso silver – Purestcolloids.com – Colloidal Science Laboratory, Inc. and Utopia Silver Exposed
  • Colloidal Silver Safety Issues, Home Silver Generators & The Blue Man — The Truth About Electrically Produced Liquid Silver & Silver Generators–Learn the Difference between Ionic Silver and True, Colloidal/Particulate Silver–The FDA Admits it has no Clinical Data Suggesting Colloidal Silver is Unsafe for Human Use

PDF: End Time Current Events 4-24-16

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