End Time Current Events-4-1-18-Part 3

Table of Contents: 

  • The Coming Civil War In South Africa Pure Savagery
  • Katie Hopkins: What South African “land expropriation” is REALLY about “Land expropriation without compensation” means that black gangs — the ones currently carrying out brutal farm attacks — now have political permission to carry out murder and torture.”
  • South African Parliament Votes To Take White Stolen Farm Land
  • Listener Attempted Justification & Happiness for the White Race Genocide in South Africa–This is a great example of how satanically warped a person’s mind can become—conscience seared with a hot iron
  • New South African President—A Disaster for White Farmers
  • South Africa’s Future: A Racist Communist Induced Famine

PDF: End Time Current Events 4-1-18

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