End Time Current Events–3-20-17–Part 2

Table of Contents:

  • Part 2: Illegal Border Crossings Down 40% BUT UN Sponsored, Totally Non-vetted, Diseased Refugees Obtaining SSN’s and Passports Upon Arrival in the US (by Plane, Under the Cover of Night)
  • Bezos’ Washington Post Edits Headline to Protect Illegal Aliens on Food Stamps
  • 170 illegal aliens have been charged with 592 child rapes/child sexual assaults/indecent liberties with a child, in just over the last 10 months in just North Carolina alone!!!
  • Mexico is a beyond bad neighbor as it relates to our border by not controlling their side and allowing illegal immigrants and drug traffickers to routinely cross into the USA
  • Mexican sewage routinely fouling San Diego beaches, ocean waters
  • Illegal Aliens Trash Border Lands With Tons Of Waste
  • Virginia Trip Recap

PDF: End Time Current Events 3-20-17

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