End Time Current Events: 1-27-13–Part 2

Table of Contents:

  • Obama To Wage War On Americans: Amazing Interview With Jim Garrow That EVERY American Needs To See
  • Obama’s Gun Control Proposals Gets Support Of Vatican
  • Feinstein Opens press conferences with “Clergy” prayer…
  • Horrific Preplanned Border Security In America
  • PART 1: THE FIRST HYBRIDS–FIRST CAME THE VANGUARD…NEXT COMES THE…Detailed Study on the Nephilim, Giants, Fallen Angels, The Book of Enoch, Jasher, DNA, Hybrids, Chimeras, Walk-ins, Soul Scalped, Demon Possession, UFO’s, The Ascended Masters, Maitreya, Aliens, E.T’s, the Grays, the Watchers and many historical writings pertaining to these subjects

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PDF: End Time Current Events: 1-27-13