Emergency Health Alerts & Current Events-4-27-20-Part 2

Table of Contents:

  • Bill Gates and Intellectual Ventures Funds Microchip Implant Vaccine Technology
  • The Quantum Tattoo and a Digital Scanable Vaccine–Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation propose quantum dot digital tattoo implant to track CoVid-19 vaccine
  • Bill Gates Backs $1 Billion Plan to Cover Earth in ‘Big Brother’ ‘Live and Unfiltered’ Satellite Surveillance
  • The association between covid-19 cases/deaths and 5G in the United States?
  • A 5G map superimposed over a Covid-19 case map
  • No coincidence–The Chinese population of Wuhan were all given RNA vaccines last summer to react with the Covid-19 bioengineered weapon and the 20,000 5G base stations that were installed there by the end of the 2019–right when the outbreak first occurred there!
  • FCC Chair Commits to Enhancing WiFi/5G During Pandemic Despite Warnings From Experts
  • Tell Your Municipality to Pass an Emergency Ordinance to Stop Deployment of 5G During Quarantine
  • The Strange Reported Symptoms Of Coronavirus Infection Like ‘Fizzing’ And “Electric Shocks’ Are Making The 5G Conspiracy Theories Sound Credible
  • Study proves that coronavirus vaccine would never work; might actually create MORE new viruses through recombination in human hosts
  • In the UK Posting anti-vaccine propaganda on social media could become criminal offence, Law Commissioner says & What the Cancer Industry Does not Want you to know about Chemotherapy and Radiation!!!
  • YouTube CEO: ‘Anything That Goes Against W.H.O. Is A Violation of YouTube Policies’
  • Michigan hospital raided for alternative treatments of coronavirus
  • Putting America In the Rearview Mirror! When the Cure Is Worse Than the Disease
  • How Shutdowns Will Keep Killing The Economy-Even When They’re Over
  • Social Media Censors as Food Shortages Begin

PDF: Health Emergency Alert 4-27-20

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