Emergency Freedom Alerts: 9-4-23-Part 2

Table of Contents:

  • Extent Of De-Banking Revealed: Nearly One Million UK Accounts Shut In Past Four Years
  • The Coming 2024 Climate lockdowns in the UK 15-minute cities
  • Defense Dept to Crack Down on ‘Disinformation’ (ANY COUNTER TO LIES) on Social Media with the Help of AI–This comes despite court order by federal judge barring government censorship of American speech using Big Tech or third-party groups. 
  • WHAT IS PRIMARY WATER & THE SCAM OF WATER OUTAGES Kent and Sussex hosepipe ban announced amid water shortage – BBC News – UK
  • Recycled TOXIC water from sewers (Feces, Urine and Pharma Drugs) coming to your neighborhood taps for drinking, bathing, watering plants, for your pets and everything else you use water for
  • Recycled water from sewers coming to California taps
  • China Retaliates Over Fukushima Water Dump: Blocks Seafood Imports As Nobody ‘Wants To Eat Radioactive Salmon’ The nuclear-contaminated wastewater discharged by Japan is polluting the seas 
  • Cancer Risk Surges From Even Tiny Trace of Tritium, Expert Warns Amid Fukushima Water Dump 
  • Biden’s new crackdown on another appliance will be worse than gas stoves–It’s not just stoves, Biden is going after air conditioners and other home appliances
  • Bill Gates’ NEW Plan to Ban Meat…. Is Bill Gates orchestrating a master plan to ban meat, pushing the world towards synthetic alternatives? In this video, we unravel a potential scheme linking Gates to the rise in meat allergies and his vested interests in the synthetic food industry.
  • Frankenfood — The ‘Bloody’ Truth About Lab-Grown Meat–Most cultured meat companies still use fetal bovine serum as the growth medium, which is obtained from unborn calves that are cut out of the womb and drained of their blood while still alive– Hence, most claims of cultured meat being animal-free or free of animal cruelty are totally false!
  • History Of Weaponized Insects And Bugs: As The Climate Change Cult Insists We Stop Eating Meat, Suddenly Ticks Are Causing Deadly Allergies To Meat—What is Alpha-Gal Syndrome or AGS
  • CDC Warns of Red Meat AGS Allergy Caused by Lone Star Ticks An ‘Emerging Public Health Concern’
  • Regarding a good tick repellant there are several natural ones listed here (without DEET—which is horrible) that have 4.5 stars
  • Mild Silver Protein Therapy-Dosage Guidelines for Lyme Disease & Alpha-Gal Syndrome or AGS

PDF: Emergency Freedom Alerts 9-4-23

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