Emergency Freedom Alerts: 9-27-21-Part 2

Table of Contents:

  • Positive Covid Pushback Headlines
  • Over 3,000 Doctors and Scientists Sign Declaration Accusing COVID Policy-Makers of ‘Crimes Against Humanity’
  • Australia Moving toward ACTUAL Revolution – Actual Physical, Kinetic, Revolution!
  • President of Croatia exposes media for LYING and spreading panic about covid, says NO MORE vaccination allowed in his country!!!
  • After throwing them in covid quarantine camps, German government also STRIPS prisoners of compensation payments to bankrupt them
  • Draconian Covid Headlines
  • Pentagon Confirms Fauci Created and Released COVID-19–Documents implicate Fauci in funding gain of function research through DARPA–NEW DOCUMENTS — Wuhan Lab planned to release Coronaviruses…
  • NEW DOCUMENTS — Wuhan Lab planned to release GMO Coronaviruses…
  • The CDC runs “vaccine deep state” operatives who are deploying biological weapons against health freedom speakers–CDC, DoD running black ops missions to release pathogens across America
  • Project Veritas: Sodomite FDA Official Wants ‘Nazi Germany Registry’ for Unvaccinated Americans–“Think about it like the Jewish star” for the unvaccinated, FDA official says on leaked video.”–“Go to the unvaccinated and blow it [COVID vaccine] into them. Blow dart it into them,” he says of the vaccine hesitant black community!!!
  • Washington Recruiting For Orwellian Covid Isolation & Quarantine Strike Team, Inslee’s FEMA Concentration Camps
  • Ardis: The Medical Industry Is Responsible For ‘Covid’ Deaths, Not Virus
  • BREAKING! Covid-19 Deaths 3,000% Higher Than This Time Last Year and 80% of the Dead Had the Vaccine
  • Ryan Cole, MD says he Has Personally Witnessed The Covid DEPOPULATION Injection causing a 20x increase in cancer of his patients
  • Latest Covid Kill Shot Stats
  • Headlines Documenting the Horrific Cardiovascular/Heart Effects From the Covid Kill Shot
  • Warning: Hospitals May Be Vaccinating Patients Without Consent
  • CANADA: Husband Beats Up Nurse who SWITCHED his wife’s Flu-Shot for COVID VAX – without consent!
  • PHARMACY DANGER! Another Woman Seeking Flu Shot Gets COVID Jab!
  • Listener/Registered Respiratory Therapist Comment–Flu vax warning for this fall
  • Listener Comment: Possibly file under ‘spiritual consequences of taking kill shot’
  • Listener Comment: Long Time Nurse/Listener from Romania—Like so many others–Her smartphone was picking up the 12 digit Hexadecimal Bluetooth Codes from the Covid Vaxxed!!!!! The Covid Vaxxed are Being Tagged & Tracked!! Screenshots Attached

PDF: Emergency Freedom Alerts 9-27-21

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