Emergency Freedom Alerts: 9-13-21-Part 2

Table of Contents:

  • Beast System Swallows Freedom Worldwide–Global SCAMdemic Red Alert: Big Brother Satanic Insanity is now the Norm!
  • The Vaxxed No Longer Have Human Rights This Is Why
  • Mandatory Covid Kill Shot To Attend This Atlanta Mega Church!!!!—No Religious Exemption Allowed!—They Love the Aborted Fetal Cells in the Covid Kill Shots!!!!! Calling Evil Good and Good Evil!!!!!
  • Serving Satan Well!!!: Southern Baptists Mandate COVID Vaccinations for all missionaries
  • Big Brother Australia: You Have 15 Minutes to Take a Selfie and Send It to the Government
  • Premier Daniel Andrews of Melbourne Victoria Australia (Who is a Rockefeller appointee in the UN funded “Resilient City” Program) just announced “the unvaxxed will NOT be part of the economy” 
  • Listener Comment: Bombshell!!! PLEASE-PLEASE watch and share!!!
  • Proof Remdesivir is (and has) been used to kill off the Covid hospitalized and if that does not kill you the ventilators will finish you off!!!! Remdesivir killed 54% of the people in the safety study! It is premeditated mass murder occurring in the hospitals!!!! Short and best evidence based presentation of documentation proving horrific Covid info, its intention, creation & dangerous treatments
  • “The New Holocaust Ovens” – Dr. Jane Ruby Describes Hospitals — Ventilators KILLING Americans!!!

PDF: Emergency Freedom Alerts 9-13-21

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