Emergency Freedom Alerts: 8-7-23-Part 1

Table of Contents:

  • The Hum – The Strange Sound Heard All Over the World
  • Listener Comment: Incredible Video | The Hum noise–Now these videos are showing up in my YouTube feed
  • Listener Comment: Strange Chaotic Events Changing Everything
  • Listener Comment: Something major is up and I can confirm a rumbling sound not normal whole east coast is getting reports of ground moving and wobbling up the east coast, can u confirm this info? Have u see anything, are u feeling any wobbling, humming or booms?
  • Something BIG Is Up Guys, We GOTTA Talk NOW! Something is Shaking Areas primarily in the Eastern US & They Are Not Being Labeled as Earthquakes
  • More Comments From People About These Strange Phenomenon
  • Listener Comment: Extra dizzy in the past few months–I have felt some ground movement–Sensitive to earthquake subtleties but this feels different–Sleep has been affected like never before in past few weeks
  • Listener Comment: So, I heard a hum and I felt the house vibrate here in Franklin PA, this has happened more than once
  • Listener Comment: Happenings on NC-VA line in the mountains – shakings & insane UFO stuff
  • We Are Not Alone: Live roundtable on historic UFO hearing | NewsNation Prime
  • New Age / New World Order Deception: Overcoming Global Elite Agendas and Creating a New Earth: Interview with Sacha Stone & Michael Salla – Brahman – Atman & Yoga Exposed

PDF: Emergency Freedom Alerts 8-7-23

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