Emergency Freedom Alerts: 8-24-20-Part 3

Table of Contents: 

  • It’s good to know our NC Senator ole Thom Tillis has our back and is working tirelessly to defile our DNA and try to get as many as he can into hell!!!!
  • MANDATORY “quarantine camps” were just rolled out in New Zealand, a globalist testing ground for the mass extermination of humanity
  • New Zealander’s are in trouble–Forced detention & family separations for testing Covid positive
  • NZ BS-19 Concentration Camps
  • NZ-Just Outlawed Bartering-Beta Testing For What They Want to Bring Everywhere
  • 7NEWS Melbourne on Twitter: “Police are preparing to launch their aerial arsenal as part of a crackdown on COVID rule breakers–High powered drones will be used to find people not wearing masks, and cars too far from home
  • Prime Minister Scott Morrison announces free COVID-19 vaccines for Australians, says it will be ‘as mandatory as possible’ but has to backtrack due to public outrage
  • American Traveler Faces $750K Fine or 6 Months in Jail for Breaking Quarantine Rules in Canada
  • ORWELLIAN CAMPUS: Universities encouraging students to report peers who aren’t following COVID-19 guidelines
  • Teachers now calling Child Protective Services when kids miss online classes or any other insane reason they see fit to do so!!!!
  • $1,000 daily fines for non-compliance with health officials–Get ready for Comrade Contact Tracers
  • Wisconsin government agency tells employees in their own homes to wear masks on ONLINE Zoom calls!!!!
  • Professor of Ethics argues for a “morality pill” to deal with Covid Resistors
  • Veteran Warns Masked Tyrants: “Families Are Starving”, Stop Or A Revolution Is Coming Soon
  • Oops! U.S. Citizens Accidentally Find Fields of Human Cages—What Do They Have Planned and What Are They? Camps?
  • The HORRORS of the Covid-19 Vaccines – Dr Carrie Madej–CRITICAL VACCINE INFORMATION—The Coming Covid-19 Vaccines Will Change Your DNA Forever
  • Soros-backed “bioethicist” says people who refuse coronavirus vaccines should lose their jobs or be imprisoned
  • India to launch mandatory digital health card built on concept developed by globalist vaccine pimp Bill Gates
  • In Michigan, House Passes Bill To ‘Voluntarily’ Begin Placing Human Implantable Microchips Into The Bodies Of All State Government Employees
  • 2018 Netflix Cartoon (SMART MARK ZOMBIES) Shows Mark of the Beast / 5G Mind Control Grid
  • BEAST BLOCKCHAIN! USPS Files Patent for Blockchain-Based Secure-Voting System, UN’s Global Plan!

PDF: Emergency Freedom Alert 8-24-20

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