Emergency Freedom Alerts: 8-24-20-Part 2

Table of Contents: 

  • UN Covid Propaganda Reaches Brazen New Levels Mandatory Vaccination–UN Troop Deployment
  • New DNC Logo: Means Death To America by Baphomet!!!
  • BLOOD in the streets: Left-wing Portland rioters display bloody guillotine as they burn American flags; new Democrat logo says “Death to America”
  • Top of Form
  • Bottom of Form
  • Forced Vaccination Bills New York and No Parental Consent Needed!
  • Covid-19 SCAMdemic Facts
  • Nurse Speaks Out, Empty Beds and no Coronavirus Cases in Devon Hospitals UK
  • MORE FRAUD: Arizona Counts Any Death Within 60 Days of Positive COVID Test As COVID Death
  • The Great Falling Away of the Church Right Before Our Eyes!!!! Coalition Of Over 2,700 Laodicean Evangelicals Join Forces To Urge Christians To Not Resist The Coming COVID Vaccine And Implantable Biometric ID + Bible Study

PDF: Emergency Freedom Alert 8-24-20

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