Emergency Freedom Alerts: 8-22-22-Part 1

Table of Contents:

  • Updated Group Prayer–List of Current Event Prayer Points
  • Jesus’s Warnings About The False Christ’s & Prophets That Are Coming & What to Expect In the Last Days
  • Lucis Trust –The New World Order Antichrist – The Great Invocation — Ascended Master/Deceiver Saint Germain and the Seven Rays –As Previously Reported General Michael Flynn Prays to Archangel Michael & Invokes Luciferian Madame Helena Blavatsky’s & Elizabeth Clare Prophet’s “Seven Rays” & Flynn (former national security adviser in the Trump administration) recently said the United States should have a single religion! But Flynn was simply revealing the next step in The Great Reset / New World Order!! Plus Related Teachings Scott Johnson has Done of These Subjects
  • Goddess Diana Rituals and the Death of Anne Heche
  • Massive crop failures worldwide, losses of 50% – 80%–UN declares WAR on fertilizer to achieve mass global FAMINE
  • Sacred Cows and the Dangers of Eating Bugs
  • Multivitamin/Mineral Products Dr. Scott Johnson Carries Plus Announcement About Innate Response Formulas

PDF: Emergency Freedom Alerts 8-22-22

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