Emergency Freedom Alerts: 8-21-23-Part 3

Table of Contents:

  • The History Channel Covers the Giants and UFO’s of Guadalcanal / Solomon Islands
  • The History Channel Plays a Huge Part in Undermining The Word of God and Asks a Question: “Was Noah (of the Bible) an Alien?”
  • No explanation for ‘mystery liquid’ falling from sky over neighborhood
  • OK! What is this in “our” water supply? Black Goo?!
  • What does Black Goo & Graphene Oxide have to do with Lady Gaga’s Perfume, Kim Kardashian’s Costume and Greta Thunberg?
  • A Huge Threat to Humanity? Black Goo — Seen most recently in sci-fi shows like Westworld and Severance (but previously in Stranger Things – The X-files – Prometheus & Aliens) the sinister substance also exists in the real world
  • X-Files–Subject: Sentient Fluid Black Goo

PDF: Emergency Freedom Alerts 8-21-23

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