Emergency Freedom Alerts: 7-31-23-Part 2

Table of Contents:

  • Heads Up Preppers! Biden Wants to Outlaw Almost All Portable Gas Generators, Only 6 Months to Comply
  • “Prepare Generators”: Power Grid Emergency Alert Level 1 Issued Through Friday, Across 13 States
  • FedNow Launches, “Big-Brother” Will Put Every Transaction That Occurs On “Record”
  • Banking Insider Warns CBDCs Will Be Implanted Chips
  • ‘Crazy Lines Around the World’: Video Shows Dozens Lined Up To Scan Irises for Worldcoin Crypto Program– Throngs of clueless sheep queue up to assimilate into the New World Order cryptocurrency financial scheme!
  • At the Mercy of the Big Banks
  • THE GREAT RESET: Cities In California Rolling Out Aerial Drone Police Crafts Capable Of Opening Doors, Smashing Through Glass And Tracking Vehicles–When someone calls 911 for police in the upscale beach town of Santa Monica, California, a drone is dispatched from the roof of the station with a push of a button.
  • Interposition by Police in Massachusetts–Attack on the 2nd Amendment causing no small stir! Like Illinois, Michigan, and Oregon – the state legislature and the governor of Massachusetts has introduced a bill which tramples upon the 2nd Amendment and the right of the citizens to keep and bear arms
  • How the migrant crisis is sparking an American civil war: TODD BENSMAN’s dispatch from a militarized Texas farm – where Biden’s federal agents are sabotaging the state’s desperate border enforcement
  • Biden regime promises to SUE any state that tries to stop southern border invasion
  • URGENT! Illegal immigrant kids with tuberculosis (TB) infections released into 44 states; now this is serious if ‘active’ clinical TB disease (and not just LATENT infection); latent is not infectious-
  • The government is releasing thousands of illegal immigrant children with latent tuberculosis infections into American communities, no assurances of treatment; latent infection carriers are at risk if their immune system declines
  • Michael Yon-Imagine how big pharma will use real typhus, real TB, real malaria, dengue, and more, as a camouflage for death-jab casualties and as justification for more poison vials, lockdowns, etc.
  • From the Doctors Desk Reference link at: http://www.dr-johnson.com/ presents TUBERCULOSIS recommendations
  • Invive Silver Issues Rare Update, Warning & Advisement
  • Willard Water…ULTIMATE, CLEAR, and DARK–What’s the Difference? Plus human and pet guidelines

PDF: Emergency Freedom Alerts 7-31-23

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