Emergency Freedom Alerts: 7-3-23-Part 2

Table of Contents:

  • +2+ LGTBQIA+ Advocates In New York Cheer ‘We’re Here, We’re Queer, ‘We’re Coming For Your Children!’
  • FYI: Pictures of the The Child Molester Flag, the Transgender Flag & the “PROGRESS” PRIDE FLAG
  • Listener Comment: Angel Studios / Sound of Freedom & The Chosen Movie Warnings—Scott Johnson: Warning–This is a Real Mixed Bag
  • Tim Ballard One-On-One–New movie “The Sound of Freedom” Child Sex Trafficking Exposed
  • Actor Jim Caviezel & the New Movie ‘The Sound Of Freedom’: A Spotlight on the Global Movement to End the Trafficking of Minors
  • Jim Caviezel is a devout Catholic with a special devotion to the Demonic “Virgin Mary”.
  • The QUEEN OF HEAVEN & Jim Caviezel: The Closing Moments Of The RNC Issued A Call For Help To The ‘Blessed Virgin Mary’ In The ‘Most Catholic Moment’ In American History
  • Messages From Heaven? – “Virgin Mary” or Deception? Full documentary
  • Proof The Catholics Church Has Removed the 2nd Commandment!
  • FACTS: US Military aiding the illegal invasion of the US!
  • Rising Number of “High-Value” Target Chinese, Russian Nationals At US Southern Border Raise Alarm
  • WARNING (100,000’s NOW) Russia & China SECRET INVASION!?
  • Heavily Armed ATF & IRS Agents Hit Montana Gun Store With “Soviet-Style Intimidation Raid”

PDF: Emergency Freedom Alerts 7-3-23

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