Emergency Freedom Alerts: 7-3-23-Part 1

Table of Contents:

  • Updated Group Prayer–List of Current Event Prayer Points–Part 1
  • US Senate: “You have 6 months to show your Alien UFO evidence, or else” – Is the U.S. Government about to show its cards and offer full disclosure about UFOs?
  • The Coming Big Lie!! Will this be the Backbone of the Strong Delusion of II Thes. 2!–Pathways to the Future: Super Soldiers & Ascended Masters
  • Humanity 2.0–Transhumanism Via The Coming Vaxx Death Shot & will be marketed as a Super Vaccine–It will be a treatment delivered to the body as an instruction manual [DNA defiler] to supposedly “help” the body repair, tweek, and improve on its own versions–A SINGLE DOSE WILL LEAD TO BODY-WIDE GENETIC UPGRADE
  • The Alien Agenda: The Next Deception is About to Start and MANY People Will Fall For It
  • UN Certified ‘Expert’: Religious Communities Must Yield To LGBT Demands
  • What Does the KJV Bible Say About the LGBTQ Movement
  • California state senator tells LGBT NON-affirming parents: Flee state before it takes away your children
  • Radical Bill AB 665 Allows Children to be Put in Group Homes Without Parental Consent Passes Committee
  • Cracker Barrel Goes Woke with LGBT Celebration Hidden Among the Rocking Chairs Plus Scott Johnson Submitted Comment to Cracker Barrel: “The average lifespan of the male homosexual is only 39 years” Pro 10:27: The fear of the LORD prolongeth days: but the years of the wicked shall be shortened.”
  • GONE WOKE: Chick-fil-A embraces woke agenda, names VP for diversity, equity and inclusion

PDF: Emergency Freedom Alerts 7-3-23

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