Emergency Freedom Alerts: 7-10-23-Part 3

Table of Contents:

  • Jesus Christ Hating Freak David Icke Talks God, Demons and the End of the World on the Alex Jones Show
  • David Icke Lies Totally Debunked (Full Movie)
  • The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America Church Recites Blasphemous ‘Sparkle Creed’ + ‘I believe in the non-binary God whose pronouns are plural’ This LGBTQ Church Is As Blasphemous As You Can Imagine
  • DEMONIC INSANITY IS THE NORM NOW–This is absolutely deranged – British Schools Are Now Allowing Students To ‘Identify As Horses, Dinosaurs And Cats’ As They Talk ‘With Animal Noises’
  • Texas public universities offering women’s studies courses on witchcraft, ‘worship of the devil’
  • BREAKING: SHE’S IN CHINA! – Huge Move Towards BRICS! – Yellen To Help BRING DOWN US EMPIRE!
  • Breaking news: Russia Confirms “BRICS” To Launch Gold-Backed Currency
  • The 2 Party System and the Dumbing Down of America
  • Most Americans are distracted easily by this shiny object called the Presidential race!
  • Millions Of Americans Are Relocating Just Prior To The Great Chaos That Is Coming
  • New UN Fact-Checking System Called “iVerify” Will Crackdown On “MISINFORMATION” All Over The World
  • Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport goes full dystopian, using digital facial recognition IDs, fulfilling Klaus Schwab’s wicked prophecy that humans will be digitized and many nations will adopt China’s ‘very attractive model’ for 24/7 surveillance
  • WHO announces launch of “digital health certification network” that will enslave humanity
  • United Nations Taking Over EU Covid Certificate Program July 1

PDF: Emergency Freedom Alerts 7-10-23

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