Emergency Freedom Alerts: 7-10-23-Part 2

Table of Contents:

  • Disney Green Lights New Show About A Girl Falling In Love With The Devil And Being Impregnated With The Seed Of Satan – ROSEMARY’S BABY 2023 REDUX!! 
  • More Updates and Listener Comments on Catholicism – Jim Caviezel – Mel Gibson – The Sound of Silence and Passion of Christ Movie
  • Scott Johnson’s Teaching: Emergency Freedom Alerts: 12-5-22-Part 1–Christians Watching The Series ‘ The Chosen ’ Are Being Led To Idolatry, ‘Mother Rome’, Praying The Rosary & To The False Idol Mary–By Catholic Actor Jonathan Roumie – Plus Bible Verses….
  • Bizarre Things That Happened On The Set Of The Passion Of The Christ
  • A Human Trafficking Survivors Warning on the Sound of Freedom movie
  • LA Marzulli Warning & Listener Comments
  • Listener Comment: My story about the fruits/consequences of Christian authors/ speakers like L.A. Marzulli yoking up with ungodly guests and podcasters
  • Scott Johnson’s Teaching: Shroud of Turin-Biblically Debunked
  • Scott Johnson’s Teaching Highlights: Listener Comment: Alex Jones says: God Wants A Sexual Relationship With Us & Also Promotes Hypnosis—Infowars opening pushing Transcendental Meditation – Hypnosis – Remote Viewing – Astral Projection (Which is going out of body & what many Witches do!)–Listener Comment: Alex Jones says that God came down as an Avatar in Jesus Christ & Infowars is Now Promoting the Blasphemous, New Ager, Zeitgeist Promoting Jordan Maxwell Who Says Jesus is Lucifer!!!! You will see this is yet one more reason to read the King James BibleAlex Jones Blasphemy Alert–Proclaims Having your “Third Eye” opened is wonderful and the “Third Eye” is the Holy Spirit of God!!!!!

PDF: Emergency Freedom Alerts 7-10-23

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