Emergency Freedom Alerts: 6-5-23-Part 1

Table of Contents:

  • Prophetic Anticipation Builds – Unblemished Red Heifers for Jerusalem Temple Ceremony Soon to Come of Age
  • Biden increases the persecution of Christians and Conservatives
  • THE GREAT AWAKENING: Official Trailer<<But Jesus Christ is Never Mentioned In Regard to This So Called ‘Great Awakening’ & It is Comingled With A High Amount of New Agers and Heresy!
  • The Aquarian LUCIFERIAN Agenda / New Age Doctor Network
  • Dr. Carrie Madaj Exposed Again: Video Series: The Phoenix, DNA & the Jab
  • Virtually all the prominent Covid ‘truther’ doctors are connected to the Occult “Seven Rays” – “The Academy of Divine Knowledge” & New Ager Sasha Stone who is united with the UN & so much more! Members Include: Christ Hating Godless David Icke – Del Big Tree – Dr. Judy Mikovits – Robert F. Kennedy Jr. – Carrie Madej – Sherri Tenpenny, MICHAEL JACO – DR. LARRY PALEVSKY – DR. CHRISTIANE NORTHRUP – SEAN STONE – Dr David Martin – Dr Andrew Wakefield & many More– All placed by the UN to make our transition to the NEW NORMAL / New World Order more comfortable?
  • US Climate Czar Announces War Like Effort To Shut Down American Food Supply
  • Panama is Key Terrain–Darien Hotspot
  • Invasion Buses Headed to US–Unvetted Chinese, Russians, Afghans and more
  • Democrat-run metro cities overrun with ZOMBIE DRUG “TRANQ” that’s cooked down into powder form and mixed with heroin and fentanyl – eats human flesh
  • OreGONE–Lady works for the Governor and her husband drives a truck throughout Oregon gives us a sad description of what the state has come to under the Leftists rule
  • Current Event Headlines and Proactive Action Alerts

PDF: Emergency Freedom Alert 6-5-23

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